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Listening Lyrics presents Lisa Cantrell on OCT 24, 2014, 4:00PM

The first time I heard her perform--actually the first few moments I heard her--I knew I wanted her on the show. That was a few months ago, now we all get to hear her perform live in the studio and get to know Lisa. Lisa was born and raised in South Carolina and lived a short time in Indiana.  She was classically trained on the piano and started writing songs at age 11.  When she is not playing music, she can be found conducting experiments on infants in the UD Davis Center for Mind and Brain or working on her psychology-story-telling podcast, An InExact Science. 

Live in the LOAM presents JENI & BILLY Wed. Oct 22, 2014 at 1:00PM

LIVE IN THE LOAM is not only proud but thrilled to have Jeni and Billy join us in the studio. Anyone who’s seen Appalachian duo Jeni & Billy live will have been holding their breath for this album. You will be delighted they have released this live collection of their “hits,” complete with Jeni Hankins’ riveting and delightful explanations behind each song. Each and every story will make you laugh or cry, whether it’s the tale of the grave of her moonshining great-grandpa or her Uncle Roy Lee’s beloved pink car. The way she describes cedar trees swaying in the breeze or a young child’s innocence in the face of adult alcoholism is almost as pleasing as listening to her bell-like vocals and Billy Kemp’s deft plucking. This is a lovely album for anyone who yearns for authenticity in their music. – Hazel Davis, Maverick Magazine, 2013

See JENI & BILLY's bio here http://jeniandbilly.com/bio/

Get "Under the Covers" for KDRT's 10th Anniversary

Celebrate KDRT's 10th anniversary UNDER THE COVERS--a night of cold craft beer and local cover bands Wealth of Nations (Grateful Dead), Sorta Like Heaven (Cure), and Cold Shot. The festivities take place at the Sudwerk's Dock Store on Thursday, October 23rd, starting at 5:30 pm. Come in costume or at least your PJs and receive an extra raffle ticket for the November 9th Sylvan Esso show presented by the Davis Music Collective. Supporting community radio really can be a blast! $5 cover, all ages.

Album of the Week - Thursday 10/16/14 at 6:00PM - "Osmium" by Parliament

We all know Parliament as George Clinton’s funky band that gave us “Up for the Down Stroke," “Chocolate City,” and “Tear the Roof Off the Sucker," but Osmium didn’t sound so much like those songs…nope. There’s rock, soul, gospel, country (with yodeling--no kidding!), and even a track with bagpipes on it--and screaming guitar from a guy named Eddie Hazel…yeah, things was real strange in 1970. And it was the last time that the P-Funkateers recorded as Parliament til 1974.  You gotta hear this one to believe it. 

Your host this week is Doug Deep.

Listening Lyrics Oct 17, 2014, with Dr. Andy Jones

Join in this Friday as Dr. Andy visits KDRT and Listening Lyrics. The topic is poetry in today's popular music culture. 

Education:   Ph.D., University of California, Davis (1996),  M.A., University of California, Davis (1992),  B.A., Boston University (1989)


Andy Jones has taught for the English Department and the University Writing Program since 1990. Originally trained as a poet and interpreter of poetry, Andy has taught classes at UC Davis on TS Eliot, the Poetry of the Beat Generation, and Close Reading of Poetry, as well as the Advanced Poetry Writing Workshop. As a Lecturer in the University Writing Program, Andy enjoys teaching pre-professional writing classes, and counts among his favorites Writing in Fine Arts, Writing in the Professions: Elementary and Secondary Education, which he has taught once or twice a year since 1996, and UWP 104C: Journalism. Andy was named “Educator of the Year” by the Associated Students of UC Davis in 2006.


Album of the Week - Thursday 10/9/14 at 6:00PM - "MERMAID AVENUE" by Billy Bragg & Wilco

In 1995, Nora Guthrie approached Billy Bragg with the idea of setting music to many of Woody's lyrics to which there had been no music. These lyrics/poems came out of the Woody Guthrie Archive. Billy joined with the band Wilco and they set music to these songs. The album was released in 1998 to critical acclaim, made bestseller lists, and earned a Grammy nomination. The album's title comes from the street in Coney Island, Brooklyn where Woody and his family lived.

Your Host this week is JUSTIN COX


Listening Lyrics Oct 10, 2014, with the HEY-NOWS

The HEY-NOWS join us this Friday, This well known local band finally makes their appearance on LISTENING LYRICS and we are thrilled. Formed by singer-songwriters Lee & Roger, the group features Andrew Sisco (bass) & Nicolo Scozzari (guitars, vocals).

Lee & Roger are both veterans of the Northern California rock music scene, having recorded and played in bands from Sacramento to Redding. Since its formation, the group has been busy playing cafe's/coffeehouses, fundraisers, wineries, and a myriad of other venues & events in the greater Sacramento region.


The Hey-Nows! are an acoustic-electric band that weave Power Pop melodies within an Americana landscape to create a new, engaging sound for listeners of all ages. Mixing obscure gems (Big Star, Badfinger, Velvet Underground) with well-known classics (The Band, America, The Beatles), their own original compositions are right at home.


Vist the HEY-NOWS on facebook here https://www.facebook.com/theheynows

LivE IN THE LOAM presents Robbie Fulks - Oct. 3, 2014 at 3:30PM

KDRT's POP UP show -  LIVE IN THE LOAM, presents Robbie Fulks. A very special guest indeed.

"Mr. Fulks is more than a songwriter. He's a gifted guitarist who has taught for years at the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago, he's a soulful singer with an expressive honky-tonk tenor, and he's a natural performer. It rings true when he says he's only truly comfortable when he's onstage or when he's totally alone. But what really sets him apart is his songwriting, which is one part artful country, one part artful sendup of country and one part a little of everything else." New York Times

Your host is Dug Deep.

Visit Robbie Fulks here http://www.robbiefulks.com

Listening Lyrics Oct 3, 2014, with EverTree Band

Talk about a special duo. One great voice and a guitar to accent each song makes Evertree a duo to watch - NO, HEAR. Join us this Friday for a full hour with Evertree. 

Evertree is an alternative folk rock duo based in Northern California Lori Hawk, singer-songwriter and keyboardist, and Sam Hawk, singer-songwriter, 12-string guitarist and bassist, play a blend of originals and unplugged classic rock favorites.

Band mates in the folk trio, Finding Fable, Lori and Sam are songwriting partners and fellow seekers of the meaning of it all.

Visit Evertree at http://www.evertreeband.com

Album of the Week - Thursday 10/2/14 at 6:00PM - "TOLERANCE" by Incan Abraham

This week's Album of the Week is "Tolerance" by Incan Abraham. "If one were to use an album as a guidebook to a proper indie-pop album in 2014, "Tolerance" would be an ideal selection. Sometimes dreamy, other times a direct hit of driving pop...it’s the kind of music that could fill stadiums due to its swells of melody and strong song craft...