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Album of the Week - Thursday 2/5/15 at 6:00PM - "Middle Brother" by Middle Brother

Middle Brother is an American rock band consisting of songwriters and musicians John J. McCauley III of Deer Tick, Taylor Goldsmith of Dawes, and Matt Vasquez of Delta Spirit. They first came together in 2009, and played their first show at the 2010 SXSW film conference and festival at the Ale House in Austin, Texas, where they performed under the moniker "MG&V" in an unannounced appearance. The band played their first official show at The Troubadour in Los Angeles, California on December 20, 2010 under the official name of Middle Brother.

Middle Brother released their self-titled debut album on March 1, 2011.                             Justin Cox is this weeks host


Track titles listed below

Album of the Week - Thursday 1/28/15 at 6:00PM - "Live in Cook County Jail" by B.B. King

album of the week, KDRT, B.B. King,This weeks AotW is B.B. King "Live In Cook County Jail” on vintage vinyl. Jesse Deere is the host and here is how he presents this classic album. It has my favorite version of “The Thrill Is Gone”, and B.B. and Lucille are absolutely on fire. Plus the back jacket describes the scene of Cook County Jail, which was pretty much out of control. At the beginning of the album the M.C. introduces the Sheriff and the Judge for the county, who are in attendance, and the 2100+ inmates boo them out of the house. It’s fantastic. Then Lucille cranks up and the show is off and going. It’s a blues classic.

Listening Lyrics for Jan 30, 2015 with Kenny Rego

listening lyrics, kenny ego, kdrt,pieter pastoorKenny Rego “With a working mans voice Kenny is a true champion for the average over worked under paid american."(i think the reason people can relate to the music is because its real, its not all doctored its raw like the hands of a hard working middle class folk. Most of the music out there is very doctored and electronic and people just want to roll back the sound to a simple time”) well simple seems to be the key For Kenny Rego and the Law of one band .With catchy hooks and a groove that you can dance to you'll appreciated this well into your golden years possibly your children's children also. it has the staying power and the grit to become a classic sound.”

Listening Lyrics for Feb 6, 2015 with Andrew Castro

andrew Castro, listening Lyrics, kdrt, pastoor, pieter pastoorAndrew Castro is a Sacramento based singer songwriter. He started playing live shows in the summer of 2013 and now has played over 320 to date ranging from venues in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sacramento, and New York. His acoustic upbeat pop styled music is catchy and melodic while still providing lyrics that are thoughtful and personal and can relate to anyone who has been in love and out of love or in any type of relationship. His live shows are high energy and though he is a solo performer the rhythms and sounds created on his guitar and loop pedal provide backing track and a much different experience than the typical singer songwriter act. The release of his new EP titled "Inside/Out" is set to happen in February 2015.

Album of the Week - Thursday 1/22/15 at 6:00PM - "XX" by The XX

The XX, KDRT"XX is the debut album by English indie pop band the xx. After they signed a record deal with XL Recordings, the band recorded the album from December 2008 to February 2009 at the label's in-house studio in London. XX was released in August 2009 by Young Turks, an imprint of XL, and received widespread acclaim from critics, who especially praised the band's sound.

Album of the Week - Thursday 1/15/15 at 6:00PM - "Manipulator" by Ty Segall

This week’s AotW will be the newest full length from Ty Segall, Manipulator.  Segall has been the most prolific artist on the scene for a while now.  He has been averaging 1-2 LP’s a year and a plethora of singles and EP’s to boot, not to mention his side projects.  He’s a drummer, guitarist, songwriter, producer and bandleader extraordinaire.  Did I mention that he’s only 27 years old?  The kicker is that his output is all high-quality stuff, and Manipulator is a 56 minute opus of amazing amalgam of fuzz, swirl, smash and howl rock-pop that wears it’s 1970’s rock, metal, punk, glam influences (T Rex, Bowie, Black Sabbath and King Crimson to name but a few) proudly.  Yes indeed, this one will stick to you like frosting to an octopus, and due to its length, we may not cover the whole thing, but we will give it our best shot.

listening Lyrics Jan 16th, 2015 with Lillian Frances

lillian krovoza, listening lyrics, kdrt, pastoor, pieter pastoorThis week we will spend time with Lillian Frances. Lillian is a born-and-raised Davisite who currently resides in Los Angeles, CA. She picked up the guitar in middle school, but didn't start playing habitually until college. During her sophomore year at Occidental College, Lillian began writing, performing, and recording her own music. She plays in bars and cars and houses and sometimes in the streets, for anyone who will listen. She's set to release her debut album this Spring