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Noah Byrd on Listening Lyrics Friday 7/24/15 at 4:00PM

Noah Bird.jpg

Noah Bird visits KDRT

"We finally landed an interview with Noah Byrd. Spend an hour with this local songwriter, right before he leaves to tour the Pacifc Northwest. With a voice compared to Elliot Smith and Bradley Nowell, he combines melancholic vocals with punk-influenced acoustic guitar, giving an aggressive undertone to his otherwise laid-back sound."

Nepal Benefit Show 7/11/15 at Odd Fellows in Davis

Help us help the earthquake survivors in Nepal.

The Davis Odd Fellows and Soroptimists International of Davis are hosting a benefit to raise funds for the earthquake survivors in Nepal.  The benefit “Neighbors for Nepal” on Saturday July 11th from 5 pm to 10 pm will feature dinner and music and a taste of Nepali culture.

The music line-up is headlined by The Barry “The Fish” Melton Band at 9 pm.  The other bands are Zapato Viejo at 8 pm, According to Bazooka at 7 pm and Drivin’ South at 6 pm.

Andrew Castro on Listening Lyrics, 7/10/15 @ 4:00PM


Andrew Castro comes to KDRT

UPDATE - Andrew will be appearing at HARLOWS in Sacramento 7/11/15 at 6:00PM

Andrew Castro is a Sacramento based singer songwriter. He started playing live shows in the summer of 2013 and now has played over 350 to date ranging from venues in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sacramento, and New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Mississippi. His acoustic upbeat pop styled music is catchy and melodic while still providing lyrics that are thoughtful and personal and can relate to anyone who has been in love and out of love or in any type of relationship. Since moving to Sacramento he released a new EP titled "Inside/Out." He has quickly gathered a following and been featured in some of Sacramento's biggest music publishings. He had an article in Submerge magazine and another that followed in SN&R. He was featured in Listen Up! Sacramento a local TV show and on local radio KSSU and KDRT. His EP release show sold out a well known venue in downtown Sacramento called Shine.

Album of the Week - 7/2/15- Owl Paws "Reservoir" @5:00PM

Owl Paws new record Reservoir will be an exclusive KDRT universe premiere!!! The record drops on July 7 and it's incredible!! Owl Paws is a folk-rock trio from San Francisco. Their sound combines acoustic elements of folk music with driving drums, memorable vocals and progressive songwriting. Sara is your host this week

The Evangenitals live on Listening Lyrics June 26, 2015 (4:00PM)


The Evangenitals on KDRT

Imagine if Johnny Cash, Bob Marley and Joan of Arc were one woman. Now, imagine that woman gathering a band of eclectic musicians on a crusade to expand the bounds of Country music. The Evangenitals, founded by playwright/director Juli Crockett and opera, jazz & gospel singer Lisa Dee are an alt-country/Americana love revolution made flesh for your listening pleasure. On a quixotic crusade in the key of life hell-bent on breaking hearts open, they are a genre-bending, ever-creating force of nature. 

The Evangenitals boast one of the most eclectic resumes in the indie music world. As live performers, they’ve built a fiercely loyal following through a thousand shows at clubs, coffee houses and festivals throughout the world (including Scotland’s prestigious Edinburgh Fringe Festival). Their shows are notable for music that can be bawdy and rollicking in one moment, and, in the next, sufficiently mysterious and haunting to make the rowdiest of beer brawlers pause, turn toward the stage and listen. 

LIVE IN THE LOAM presents CALLAGHAN - June 15, 2015 at 3:30 PM


Callaghan visits KDRT in Davis, CA

British artist Callaghan (full name Georgina Callaghan) is a singer-songwriter. She performs under the name Callaghan. She is best known for her 2012 album "Life in Full Colour" produced by Grammy-nominated US artist Shawn Mullins.

Callaghan is currently living in Nashville where she is recording her 2nd studio album.