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Album of the Week (6/4/15 @ 5pm) Rick Wakeman, "6 Wives of Henry the VIII"

Richard Christopher "Rick" Wakeman (born 18 May 1949) is an English keyboardist, songwriter, television and radio presenter, and author. He is best known for being the former keyboardist in the progressive rock band Yes.

Wakeman began his career as a solo artist in 1973. His first three albums are his most successful and well known: The Six Wives of Henry VIII

 (1973), Journey to the Centre of the Earth

 (1974), The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table

Wakeman has released over 100 solo albums that has sold 50 million copies worldwide.

His styles range from pop, solo piano, jazz, film scores, Christian, ambient, and New-age music

Wakeman has made many television and radio appearances throughout his career. He has written three books; an autobiography and two memoirs.


Your host this week is Pieter Pastoor

Xochitl appears on LISTENING LYRICS Friday June 5, 2015 @4:00PM



Xochitl (pronounced "so-chee") is a 22 year old singer-songwriter born & raised in Sacramento, CA. Her musical journey began in womb; her parents met in church playing music and would place headphones over her mothers pregnant belly blasting Mozar or Beatles. Growing up, Xochitl was surrounded by music and decided to take it seriously after attending college and deciding it was not the right path. At age 19, she took her first songs and started playing open mics and practicing every day. As of 2015, Xochitl has toured the east & west coast, held the cover of local music newspaper "Submerge" and preformed in hundreds of venues. Her new EP "Lion Heart" is available worldwide and she is currently touring the entire west coast.

Listening Lyrics will experiment with the new PERISCOPE app so folks can not only listen to the show but watch it stream live on video. Check out PERISCOPE here  https://www.periscope.tv

GRATEFUL DEAD special - Friday 5/8/15, 6:30PM - midnight

Friday, May 8th from 6:30 pm to 12 midnight on your local community radio station, KDRT 95.7 FM LP or KDRT.org for this special broadcast.

“Well everybody’s dancin’ in a ring around the sun, nobody’s finished – we ain’t even begun.  So take off your shoes, child, and take off your hat – try on your wings and find out where it’s at!” – The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion) by the Grateful Dead

On May 5, 1965, the original five members of the Grateful Dead played their first paid gig as a band at Magoo’s Pizza Parlor in Palo Alto.  50 years later, almost to the very day, KDRT 95.7 LP will air a special broadcast  in celebration of the spirit & music of the Grateful Dead.  The broadcast will air live Friday, May 8th on KDRT 95.7 LP from 6:30 pm to 12 midnight and will be hosted by KDRT DJ’s Rod Moseanko & Lee Maddex (The Golden Road), Wayne Hagen (Sounds So Sweet) and Jesse Deere (Dead Wax) who will bring their long-time appreciation of the band’s music, their many experiences of seeing The Grateful Dead perform live in concert and their extensive  archives of top quality recordings to the KDRT studio for the event.

The Grateful Dead were the most important band of the psychedelic era and among the most groundbreaking acts in rock and roll history. They broke all the rules while slowly and steadily building a career that carried them from the ballrooms of San Francisco in the Sixties to arenas and stadiums all over the country in the decades that followed. A leaderless democracy, they were fronted by guitarist Jerry Garcia, whose improvisational tangents made him a pied piper to the largest and most devoted cult following in popular music: a massive network of fans known as “Deadheads.” The Dead and their followers did much to keep the spirit of the Sixties alive in modern times.  Heavily steeped in Americana, the group had its roots in blues and bluegrass, folk, R & B, jazz and highly experimental sounds. The Grateful Dead learned to approach music from an improvisational perspective and illuminated the world with their music, transforming culture and consciousness as well. In so doing, they became an improbably durable and influential institution. 

So please join us on Friday, May 8th from 6:30 pm to 12 midnight on your local community radio station, KDRT 95.7 LP for this special broadcast.

Max Van Dyke visits LISTENING LYRICS Friday May 8, 2015 - 4:00PM

max van dyke.JPG

Max Van Dyke visits KDRT

Max will be with us for the hour, his mission is to talk dirty with us, dirty blues that is. Max Van Dyke is a 22-year-old college student and musician. Born and raised in Winters, he began playing the drums at age 9. He picked up his first guitar when he was 13. From that early age he began playing in a rock bands including an all-ages band, The 220 Band in which he shared the stage with his father, a blues/rock band called A Beautiful Shade of Joe, and currently with Ryan Mcbride and Ari Schwartz. Max just began singing a couple of years ago and is continually working to improve his vocals, songwriting and guitar skills. He primarily plays dirty blues, and can be found several evenings a month at Open Mic Nights throughout Yolo and Solano counties. He was recently a finalist in the Vacaville Singer Songwriter contest. His Influences include Hozier, The Black Keys, Matt Corby and Vance Joy.

Album of the Week (4/30/15 @ 5pm) Tim O'Brian & Darrell Scott, "REAL TIME"

The songs on Real Time were recorded in Scott's living room over the period of a week. Both musicians play multiple instruments including banjo, mandolin, guitar, and bouzouki; they also exchange lead vocals and sing some very fine harmony. Both the song choice and songwriting add to this project. Hank Williams'"Weary Blues from Waiting" receives an acoustic revision, with both singers sharing lead vocals and providing affecting harmony. O'Brien sings a charged version of "Little Sadie" driven by Scott's aggressive guitar playing. Part of the beauty of this album is how fresh and vital these traditional songs become with these simple and straightforward arrangements. Real Time also contains a handful of refined originals, including O'Brien's "Walk Beside Me" and "I'm Not Gonna Forget You." Scott has written the impressive "There Ain't No Easy Way," complete with the same soulful singing found on his last release, Family Tree.

Listening Lyrics May 1, 2015, 4:00PM with Steve Kahn

Steve 1.26.jpg

Steve Kahn visits KDRT (Photo by VIP Studios, Davis, CA)

Tune in for some great banter and music, also learn what a "red diaper" baby means. A review in Midwest Records recently described Steve Kahn as “a singer/songwriter that knows well from whence he speaks, (who sings) easy rolling, back porch music with rough edges that play well without sanding.”   An award-winning, singer/songwriter, Steve was a part of the Sonoma County folk renaissance in the 1970's and 80's.  He has shared the stage with performers ranging from Kate Wolf and Hoyt Axton to Dave Nachmanoff, David Maloney, Hugh Shacklett, Dick Holdstock and Allan MacLeod.  He performs throughout Northern California and the West.  He has recorded three albums and was recently recognized by the International Song Writer’s Association for his song, “Nothing but the Wind.”  Steve’s songs reflect the lives, solitary struggles, and the improbable triumphs of the people he has met in his work and his travels throughout the Western United States.  (Photo by VIP Studios, Davis, CA)

Visit Steve at http://stevekahndefiantmousemusic.com/home1/

Album of the Week (4/23/15 @ 5pm) The War on Drugs, "LOST IN THE DREAM"

From host Jesse Deere: This appropriately titled album seems familiar, like a vague dream. We can try to analyze the album for influences, but for me, I think that it’s best heard when I just relax my mind and enjoy its unique experience. Throughout the album, textured instruments create so many layers that the music feels bottomless. I love to close my eyes and sink into them. It’s one of my favorite chill-out records. We’ll play the LP version released on the Secretly Canadian label. It’s 4 sides, so there will be a little flipping, but it’s a great pressing so it’s definitely worth it.

Listening Lyrics Apr 24th, 2015, 4:00PM with Wyatt Hesemeyer and Keith Cary

W Hessemeyer.jpg

Wyatt Hesemeyer visits KDRT

Wyatt Hessemeyer is joining us in the studio this week along with Keith Cary. Wyatt brings with him a real knack for songwriting and we aim to showcase that. He has a way with his lyrics, voice and guitar to make you cry in your beer. Wyatt also is the glue of Miss Lonely Hearts. We will also discuss his other passion, since he is an awesome tattoo artist

Wyatt Hesemeyer, Keith Cary,  kdrt, listening lyrics, pieter pastoor

Keith Cary has a knack for supporting any band with his superb instruments. Especially the commodium which he makes, sells and repairs along with any number of stringed instruments.

Both Wyatt and Keith are from Winters, CA