Legend on the road to Not becoming a Rock Star. February 22nd 2019

Legend of the Bay Area Band Nasty Habits talks about his journey through trying to be a rock star. He joins us in the studio to share his experiences attempting to form and play in bands and his latest endeavour to record some of his more recent original songs under the name Nasty Reputation.

Older recordings to Legends music can be found at recording of Nasty Habits

Some of Legends newer music from Nasty Reputation can be found at



Legend would like to add a special thanks to his old art teacher, Bill Leach.

“Bluesy and Jazzy.” Feb. 22, 2019

"Bluesy and Jazzy." Western music has lots of musical influences, including blues and jazz.  For example, western swing is a jazz form. Today's show will be all western songs that have strong blues or jazz elements, drawing on form, instrumentation (we'll hear sax, trumpet, clarinets), improvisation, chord progressions and rhythms. I hope you enjoy this melange of musical sounds.

Jazz After Dark February 19 2019

For this 400th episode of Jazz After Dark, featuring some of the great jazz artists of the 20th century. Performances from 1928 to 1999, including:

Hadda Brooks, Louis Armstrong & Earl Hines, Coleman Hawkins & Stanley Black, Benny Goodman, Glenn Miller, Django Reinhardt, Duke Ellington with Ella Fitzgerald, The Modern Jazz Quartet, Miles Davis, Mongo Santamaria, Frank Sinatra with Count Basie & The Orchestra & Quincy Jones, Dave Brubeck, Wynton Marsalis

"Strong Western Winds." February 15, 2019

"Strong Western Winds." This episode's songs are about wind. Wind's physical power is featured in many western songs because it is such a big factor in cowboy work, range and animal duties, farming and more. But, wind is also the spirit of the universe. Its invisible yet powerful force often symbolizes movement and change, such as in the phrase "the winds of change." In today's  songs there are both the physical and  representational dimensions of the wind. Teacher  Bert McCoy says that: "the wind plays its own music." That's so true but the wind also inspires music, as we will hear...

Album of the Week (2/13) Deerhunter ~ Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared?

Hey, guys. One of my favorite bands throughout the last 15 years dropped a new album (their 8th). I've listened to it tons and will again for this episode of AOTW ~ via the gray vinyl pre-order that I'm stoked with.

If you're new to Deerhunter, this is as good of a place to start, frankly. They were pretty noisy in the late aughts, which was great. Their last few lps have just been perfect. This one is no exception!

Lots of articles written about this band. Their lead singer, Bradford Cox isn't bashful about his experience as a musician, touring, the Internet affecting his business and his personal struggles with friends dying way too young. Bradford's solo project, Atlas Sound, is also worth checking out. 

I hope you enjoy this album. Peace 

Divine Intervention Strikes - February 11, 2019

Divine Intervention strikes this week with more new music—a lot of rock & pop with a hefty sprinkling of jazz and experimental sounds: Toro y Moi, Cloud Seeder, Ben LaMar Gay, Mozes & the Firstborn, Angel Bat Dawid, John Barera & Will Martin, and much more—plus Vinyl Vespers. See the playlist and stream the show via the program page.

According To Bazooka performs live at Armadillo Music with KDRT. Friday February 8, 2019 at 6:30pm

KDRT and Armadillo Music are proud to present ,"According to Bazooka" live at Armadillo Music to celebrate Davis 2nd ArtAbout.  According to Bazooka presents lush harmonies, archtop guitar, accordion, upright bass and drums to create original Retro-Pop music that travels beyond the limits of it’s folk-rock roots. Based out of Sacramento, A2B is known for its unique and upbeat songwriting. Infectious melodies and plenty of hooks wrapped in a vintage feel gives this quartet a vibrant sound reminiscent of 1960s pop-rock..

If you can’t join in the fun at Armadillo Music, please join us live on KDRT 95.7 FM and