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Special New Years Eve Show with Jesse & Pieter 12/31 at 5:00PM

kdrt, Join Pieter and Jesse on New Year’s Eve at 5 PM for a very special 2-hour, combined edition of Dead Wax and The Grapevine. In the first hour, we’ll reflect on end of 2014 and the end of America’s longest war with some of our favorite anti-war and protest songs. In the second hour, we’ll lift our spirits as we prepare to ring in 2015!

Album of the Week - Thursday 12/18/14 at 6:00PM Black Moon Spell by KING TUFF

kdrt, album of the week, 95.7FMSara is the SPINster this week's and is dedicating the hour to her beloved Jess Goddesse - because she's incredible, has superior snotty taste in music and beer, and does more than her fair share at KDRT! For her holiday gift, Sara's spinning her (our) new favorite album by King Tuff, Black Moon Spell.

King Tuff is a recording artist on Sub Pop Records and Burger Records. King Tuff, the band, has released several music videos and has continually toured across the United States, Australia, and Europe since 2012.

Visit King Tuff at http://www.kingtuffworld.com

Album of the Week - Thursday 12/11/14 at 6:00PM - "Tied To A Star" by J. Mascis

Album of the week, KDRTAlbum of the Week this Thursday will be “Tied to a Star”  by J Mascis.  It came out this past August, but it’s a perfect record to play quietly and ward off the winter chill…if it were chilly in Davis.  Mascis first made his mark as the swirly guitarist/songwriter/singer for Dinosaur Jr.

Live in the Loam 12/12/14 with HANS EBERBACH

Live in the loam, listening lyrics, kdrt, hans overreach, pieter pastoor,Live In The Loam and Listening Lyrics is excited to have HANS EBERBACH visit the KDRT studio. This show will be broadcast at 4:00PM on 12/12/14. The show will also be video tapped for airing on Davis Media and youtube at a later date. 

Hans Eberbach is an award winning vocalist and songwriter who was born on the west coast and raised in the northeast wilds of Maine, returning to the California sunshine after highschool to launch his career in the mid '90's as the singer for Sacramento based roots rock band Sweet Vine. Guided by industry contact/friend Geoff Bywater (Glee) - a music supervisor at FOX, the band was barely playing live shows locally when they were signed to a publishing deal with Warner-Chappell and then to a lucrative, long-term record deal with Sony/Columbia.

Album of the Week - Thursday 10/16/14 at 6:00PM - " "It's all Crazy! It's all False! It's all a Dream! It's Alright!" by mewithoutYou

KDRT, Justin CoxOver the course of three albums and several hundred mesmerizing shows, audiences have consistently heard something dramatic and altogether different from mewithoutYou. Spirits have been jolted and calmed, in equal measures.

"it's all crazy! it's all false! it's all a dream! it's alright" is another daring adventure charted by frontman Aaron Weiss, guitarist Michael Weiss, bassist Greg Jehanian, and drummer Rickie Mazzotta. Helping to further stretch the group’s boundaries is the production duo of indie dynamo Daniel Smith (Danielson Familie) and Philly workhorse Brian McTear (Mazarin, Matt Pond PA).

Album of the Week - Thursday 10/20/14 at 6:00PM - "White Lighter" by Typhoon

We are in for a treat. With 14 members, Portland, Oregon's Typhoon has more than enough firepower to propel its seismic indie rock confections past the nosebleed seats and into the parking lot, but despite its voluminous arsenal, the band shows great restraint on White Lighter, the follow-up to their well-received 2011 EP A New Kind of House. Operating somewhere between the nervy tenderness of Frightened Rabbit, the exotic, orchestral spell casting of Beirut, and the earnest and all-inclusive, aural high fiving of Arcade Fire, Typhoon, led by garrulous frontman Kyle Morton, is an idiosyncratic, anthem-producing machine.