Album of the Week -7/23/15- 5:00PM Desaparecidos "Payola"


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This week it's all about Conor Oberst and his latest project, Desaparecidos.

"It would appear that Payola is where Oberst's been storing the splenetic rage that fueled his most compelling work and has mostly gone missing since I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning. But while Payola is his most urgent and angry work in a decade, it's by far his most fun record. Because really, it's his only fun record. This is the result of an important shift in a classic punk rock binary. On Read Music/Speak Spanish, Desaparecidos saw themselves in the lineage of the Clasha fair accusation as Oberst was months away from dropping his Omaha Callingmagnum opus Lifted and Desaparecidos would later cover "Spanish Bombs". Their songs were topical, idealistic and had no sense of humor whatsoever. Often singing in the same whole-body quaver as he did in Bright Eyes, Oberst led you to believe these songs saw themselves as the actual solution to the suffocating, transactional nature of marriage, a spiritually broken American military, and the overabundance of Starbucks in Omaha. " From a review in Pitchfork see complete review here

This weeks host is Justin Cox

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