Album of the Week - Thursday 12/11/14 at 6:00PM - "Tied To A Star" by J. Mascis

Album of the week, KDRTAlbum of the Week this Thursday will be “Tied to a Star”  by J Mascis.  It came out this past August, but it’s a perfect record to play quietly and ward off the winter chill…if it were chilly in Davis.  Mascis first made his mark as the swirly guitarist/songwriter/singer for Dinosaur Jr. in the 1980’s.  He’s quieted down since then, and sounding especially at peace on this one, and there’s a great mix of acoustic and soft electric guitars.  But as ever, it’s the songcraft that hooks your ear.  This one’s a beauty.  Here’s the (uneven, in my opinion) Pitchfork review for reference:

Your host this week is Doug Deep.

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