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Listening Lyrics - A&M 50th Anniversary (repeat) 1/9/13, 2:00PM

This week is a repeat since I am in LA. B U T if you missed the A&M anniversary show here is your opportunity.

Last Year, 50 years ago the first song sold on a new label was "Lonely Bull" by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass.
A&M records was founded by Herb Alpert and Jerry Moss. They created a record label with the artist in mind.
This hour will be spent exploring the talents A&M brought to us.

Listening Lyrics - A musical look at the FISCAL CLIFF -airing 12/15/12-

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WED. Dec. 12th show will have some fun explaining the FISCAL CLIFF through music. Featured will be an eclectic mix of artists. I had a blast putting it together.
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Listening Lyrics - A little musical fun with St. Nicks Day - WED. Dec 5, 2012

This week LISTENING LYRICS takes a look at St. Nicholas Day (DEC. 5) as celebrated in Holland. Why Holland? Well you see in Holland this day is huge for the children - its when they receive their Christmas gifts. So lets mix it up with some music and enjoy the show

Listening Lyrics - A discussion with local artist Evan Clayburg. Wed Nov 28, 2012

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Listening Lyrics will spend an hour with local artist Evan Clayburg. Program will air 11/28/12 at 2:00PM on KDRT 95.7
Evan Clayburg, a Davis resident who, 2 years ago, ventured from Chicago to visit his cousin and now Davis is home. Evan, is a self-trained musician, visual and performance artist. Evan was eight years old when he picked up the guitar and has played in various DIY (do it yourself) bands over the years. He is currently involved in 3 local bands, Ennui Trust, White Hole, and Loner. Ennui Trust currently finished a west coast tour with a stint in Canada.
His visual and performance art has been shown and performed thru out northern California

Listening Lyrics - Exploring Thanksgiving through Enabling and Music

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This week LISTENING LYRICS will offer some songs exploring thanksgiving through enabling.
My special guest will be Jack Edwards.
Aside from talking about his Peace Corps experience Jack will talk about his real passion the last number of years. Since his retirement from Cummins Jack has developed a career volunteering for an amazing social entrepreneurship non-profit called Ashoka. With this group he’s been traveling the breadth of Latin America evaluating potential social entrepreneurs for viability to then assist financially and with the necessary and continuing ‘underpinnings’ to ensure that, once begun, a newly formed business will be successful. Should be a fascinating discussion; personally, I see it as a great way to for all of us to enter the Thanksgiving weekend.

LISTENING LYRICS Alternative Country (for those who hate country)

Wed. 11/14/12 at 2:00 PM
Country music has evolved in many directions. This weeks LISTENING LYRICS takes a look at the ALTERNATIVE COUNTRY scene. Within this genre lies a rich and awesome collection of singer song writers.[img_assist|nid=10754|title=ALTERnative Country|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=100|height=95]