Listening Lyrics - Special guest ALEX ROTH of the WEST NILE RAMBLERS

A RARE treat this week. ALEX ROTH of the band WEST NILE RAMBLERS  will be my guest for the whole hour. This very talented individual will discuss his music, his band, the artists that have influenced him and of course - coffee.

The WEST NILE NILE RAMBLERS were brought together by a desire to play music as often as possible, This band brings years of experience and a depth of understanding to a smörgåsbord of music styles. Don't be surprised if you hear Jazz, Cajun, and Bluegrass tunes at a WNR show near you. Their fairly simple arrangements are made special by their very tight musicianship. Also, they have been known to bicycle to their gigs with all their gear. Gotta give them some credit for that.

The show will air Friday, March 1, 2013 at 4:00PM.

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