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Listening Lyrics TODAY with RICHIE LAWRENCE

This is one show that I am extremely happy to host - one great songwriter, musician, vocalist and a great guy shares his new CD "WATER" with us.  The songs Richie Lawrence has written for Water are deceptively simple, composed of rippling melodies full of shadow and light, lyrics brimming with poetry and plainspoken truth and an invitation to join in a dance of love, laughter and compassion. Their complexity delights with the first listen, slowly unfolding to reveal an unexpected intensity of color and flavor as they linger on the emotional palette.

Richie Lawrence
Big Book Records

Listening Lyrics Dec. 27, 2013 with MOONLIT WHEAT

A very talented, up-and-coming singer/songwriter will be in the studio to introduce his new CD. Listening Lyrics is thrilled to spend an hour with Colin Wagner, his guitar, and his voice.
Moonlit Wheat was born in a cinderblock cell of a dorm room when Colin found himself fascinated enough with the warm glow of early Mountain Goats records streaming through his computer that he devoted himself to pursuing the captivating witchcraft of songwriting.

KDRT has a FREE Christmas gift for you

That right folks - everyone reading this is entittled to listen to the more than 35 originally produced radio shows from KDRT. And it doesn't stop there, you can listen to any or all shows all year long (over and over if so desired). From all of us at KDRT - Happy listening holidays.

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KDRT not only plays music -- we record it, too

The show LIVE TRACKS is the work of JIM BUCHANAN. Jim takes his gear to local events and records them. What a treat this is for our community. A holiday "gift" of local music - here's the direct link to Live Tracks show that in first hour featured recording of Richie Lawrence and The Yolos, and the second hour featured Davis' Me & Him with Kurt Roggli and Martin Lewis from their Nov. 7th concert at Davis Odd Fellows....enjoy. Photo courtesy of Sasha Prawalsky. http://kdrt.org/node/13469


Listening Lyrics Friday Dec 13, 2013 with Justin Carson

What does an artist do when talent begs to be unleashed? The answer to that question will be explored as Listening Lyrics talks with Justin Carson.

Justin Carson, also known as XPiRiMiNT, is a Davis local. Music has been a big part of his life as far back as he can remember. At the age of 15, he decided to pick up on the guitar after playing Rockband. The game was fun, but a real guitar might be “more rewarding” so he has stuck with the guitar ever since. A few months later, he was introduced to the computer side of music production. The struggle to get a band together turned him to the computer and other instruments he decided to learn to play himself.