What's Underwriting

We acknowledge business contributions to KDRT with brief on-air messages called underwriting. Underwriting is to community radio what advertising is to commercial radio. The difference, however, is clear: Commercial stations may air as much as 18 minutes of advertising time per hour. KDRT airs less than one minute of underwriting per hour, which means our underwriters aren't lost in a sea of commercial hype.

Our listeners make a conscious choice to tune in to KDRT for unique, high-quality programming that's locally grown and culturally enriching--and our listeners appreciate businesses that support their station. In a nutshell, underwriting on KDRT enables businesses to partner with an important community resource--KDRT--to demonstrate their own community commitment and get their message out to a relevant audience, effectively and affordably.

Our Underwriters

Please thank these fine local businesses for sponsoring KDRT next time you stop in:

Underwrite KDRT

For details on our underwriting plans--including scheduling availability, messaging, and reasonable rates--please reach out to underwriting@kdrt.org. Thank you for supporting community media!