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Na Mele O Hawai'i

Na Mele O Hawai'i with BETH POST.

The depth and research of this show specialising in Hawai'in music has a world wide following. And its right here on KDRT.

Listen to previous shows via streaming here http://www.kdrt.org/node/7419

Featuring the music of Hawaii, from early icons of island music to today's innovators. We'll explore styles, history of the music, and highlight revered songs and performers.

Live Thursday 2-3pm
Replays Tuesday 7:30-8:30am, Friday 3-4pm, Saturday 11am-12pm, Sunday 9:30-10:30am


Jazz After Dark is one of KDRT's jewels. Don Shor shares his gift of Jazz Knowledge with us and we can enjoy hours of great jazz just click the link below and pick one of his many shows available through streaming


20th Century Jazz: each show features instrumental and vocal jazz, usually presented in historical sequence. Occasionally contemporary, sometimes much older selections, lots from the 1940's to the 1980's. Some big band and swing; lots of cool jazz and West Coast; some fusion, a little bebop. Usually some boogie woogie, blues, bossa nova; always something by Ella.

Live Tuesday 8-9pm       Replays Monday 6-7pm, Saturday 9-10pm

Listening Lyrics Nov 1, 2013, 2013 with the SUNMONKS

Lets start November with some very special talent. Listening Lyrics is excited to spend an hour with the SUNMOMKS.
California's §µn∑ønk§ combine brass-flourished world rhythms and tight nit lyrical harmonies.

Ludwig and Piper Sweet starting performing as SunMonks in late 2012 as a way to get people to dance. They are currently recording a collection of songs and performing on the west coast.


Listening Lyrics Oct 25, 2013 Music in the Netherlands

After spending 3 weeks in Holland I thought I would share some of the music scene from Amsterdam. You will hear the number one song. Is the Bieber on the charts? Can people actually slow dance in an up tempo song? Hear two songs from Hollands best known groups known outside of Holland. You will also learn what music genre Holland is on the forefront in. Did I forget jazz - NO you will hear some Dutch Jazz.

So listen in and learn/hear/dance to the sounds in the Netherlands 

Community Radio in Amsterdam


Amsterdam is known for a lot of things but the town also has a thriving community radio/TV network known as SALTO (Amsterdam Broadcasting Authority).


“The Amsterdam Broadcasting Organization is an independent foundation that is intended for, and open to, all residents of Amsterdam. It is important to remember that the Amsterdam Broadcasting Organization is not a mouthpiece for the city council, or for specific pressure groups or institutions. 

The Dutch Media Board, a national authority, has granted us the license to broadcast locally and the city council's only responsibility is to check that the Amsterdam Broadcasting Organization board is representative of the diversity of the Amsterdam population.” 


Jeanne and I received the cooks tour and any and all questions where answered. Stand outs. 


Listening Lyrics Sept. 19, 2013 First year anniversary show

Listening Lyrics started in late August 2012 but we are not counting the few first shows (call it the learning curve). A year into the show and with 25 guests interviewed you might say Jeanne and I have found a format we are comfortable with. To put it into perspective we are having a blast. On top of that our guests are given a full hour to share their story and their talent. For me personally its like spending one hour a week on the psychiatrists couch, I leave the studio pumped up and ready for the week-end. Yep, usually head to a watering hole to down a beer or two after the show.

In addition the show has given me a rare glimpse into the talent, dedication and fascinating lives of the guests on the show. So this week we will be playing some tunes and poems of previous guests while Jeanne and I sip some bubbly wine. Tune in and share the year with us.

Listening Lyrics Sept. 6, 2013 with KEVIN WAN

Listen to the complete interview and music NOW, http://www.kdrt.org/node/12889

If you ask anyone in Davis who influences the music scene locally, a good bet would be that the name KEVIN WAN will pop up. Yes, KEVIN will spend an hour with us talking about himself, the music business and how the city of Davis responds to live events. Kevin of course is the driving force behind Sophia's Thai Kitchen so a little food talk might also pop up. 

Listening Lyrics is excited about this show especially since the play list will be KEVIN'S selections. Want to know what KEVIN listens to - well then - tune in this Friday