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Eunah's Banchan selections for February 20, 2020: King Ty

What to expect on Banchan for February 20, 2020:

All is Lost - Wasted Shirt/Ty Segall/All is Lost | Plastic Bag - X-Ray Spex | Teen Dusthead - Acid King | She Got Harder - GØGGS | Mountain - Meatbodies | Face First - The Paranoyds | Deixa a Tristeza - Neno Exporta Som

Streaming Feb. 20 11:30AM-noon at

Today's Banchan selections have been largely inspired by the unquestionable king of California psych-rock, Ty Segall. Some are Ty's projects, some are tracks that fit the vibe (at least to me). Plus, a brazilian track.

Eunah's Banchan selections for January 23, 2020: Murder Ballads

What to expect on Banchan for January 23, 2020:

Henry Lee  (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds ft. PJ Harvey) ▪ Man Down (Rihanna) ▪ Where Did You Sleep Last Night (Sleigh Bells) ▪ John Wayne Gacy, Jr. (Sufjan Stevens) ▪ Down in the Willow Garden (Billie Joe Armstrong & Norah Jones) ▪ Knoxville Girl (The Louvin Brothers) ▪ I Killed Sally's Lover (The Avett Brothers)

Streaming Jan. 23 11:30AM-noon at

Today's Banchan selections have been inspired by my recent obsession with true crime stories (found three new true crime podcasts and those have been making time FLY while I'm at work). All songs in today's playlist are based on stories of gruesome crimes.

Album of the Week (4/18): TOXICITY by System of a Down

Released in 2001, this album is pure teenage nostalgia for me and for many of my fellow millennials who had an inclination for the heavier & louder music. Every single track is gorgeous and iconic thanks to Serj Tankian's incredible vocals, Daron Malakian's manic guitar riffs, Shavo Odadjian's sinister vibes, and John Dolmayan's perpetual beast-mode drum playing. 

It was hard to pick ONE album but it got a whole lot easier once I realized that NONE are really radio-friendly except for Toxicity (or else I'll be spending the entire time on-edge trying to censor it per FCC regulations). 

Tune in to Album of the Week this Wednesday, April 18th from 5-6PM to hear this album in its glorious entirety. 

One Health & Wildlife Talk (3/2/2018): Andrew Di Salvo & UCD/CDFW Wildlife Health Residency

This month's One Health & Wildlife Talk guest is the first ever UCD/CDFW Wildlife Health Resident, Dr. Andrew Di Salvo.

He is currently in the first year of the residency, which is based at CDFW working alongside state wildlife veterinarians and biologists. Year 2 will be based at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine and enrolled in the Masters in Preventive Veterinary Medicine (MPVM) Program in epidemiology.

One Health & Wildlife Talk (2/9/2018): Eri Togami and the Global Virome Project

This month's One Health & Wildlife Talk* guest is One Health Fellow Dr. Eri Togami. 

We will be discussing her path to the One Health Institute and her involvement with the ambitious Global Virome Project. We will also hear about her recent trip to Thailand where she attended the 2018 Prince Mahidol Award Conference.

Catch the live broadcast 12-12:30PM PST this Friday (Feb 9, 2018). 

*Justin Cox has moved up north to lead communications for SeaDoc Society on Orcas Island in the Pacific Northwest. Eunah Cho (Marketing & Development Coordinator for the One Health Institute) will be taking over hosting this monthly interview series on KDRT 95.7FM Davis. 

Album of the Week (2/7/18): King Krule - The Ooz

Album of the Week is King Krule's latest release "The Ooz"

King Krule (a.k.a. Zoo Kid, DJ JD Sports, Edgar the Beatmaker, Edgar the Breathtaker, Lankslacks, The Return of Pimp Shrimp) is a prolific musical prodigy. His 2013 debut album "6 Feet Beneath the Moon" completely blew my mind. 4 years later, his 2017 album had just as strong of an impact. It may seem like a long break between album #1 and #2, but he's been producing music non-stop (just not as "King Krule"). 

The most distinctive quality of his music is probably his vocal delivery--it sounds almost slack-jawed, at a surprisingly low-timbre. You'd think this would make his lyrics sound garbled, but NO. His lyrics are at times odd, breathtakingly beautiful, mysterious, creepy, and every time I listen to the album I get hypnotized listening to him essentially talk-sing accompanied by trip-hop beats & shimmering guitar. 

Tune-in to the live broadcast 5-6PM tonight (2/8/18) to hear this gorgeous album in its entirety. Let it chill you out, bum you out, then lift you back up again.


Album of the Week (11/8): Abyss by Chelsea Wolfe

Chelsea Wolfe's music could possibly best be described as folk metal. But you might disagree--that's just my take. 

Her sound is often noisy & dark (e.g. tracks 1 "Carrion Flowers" or 2 "Iron Moon" or 10 "Color of Blood"), but other moments are beautiful, tender, and delicate (e.g. tracks 4 "Maw" or 8 "Simple Death" or ).  Her dad was in a country band & she loves Hank Williams, things you can totally hear in some of her songs. But then she took her country/folk roots and gave her music a goth/doom/metal spin.

I chose to play a Chelsea Wolfe album because I love her music--and also got majorly inspired after seeing her live in Sacto (her hometown!) last Friday! Hopefully you don't get put off by the metal or noisy descriptions. You might be pleasantly surprised by what she has to offer. 

Album of the Week: Häxan by Dungen (8/16 at 5PM)

When the album Häxan came out last November I was stoked. Not just because it was yet another Dungen album, but also because it was such a good one! It's their only all-instrumental album, which made it feel that much more special ~ finally it truly was all about the music itself! This album is Dungen's imagined score for the gorgeous 1926 Lotte Reiniger's animated film "The Adventures of Prince Achmed."

That’s Life at 1PM (Thu 8/10) ft. Anne Cowles

Lois’ guest, Anne Cowles, will talk about her belief in astrology and what she thinks is in the works for us in 2017. Anne says, “The upcoming total solar eclipse visible all the way across Middle America holds the power to reboot the American consciousness over the next year. How will it impact you individually? the President and the USA? Astrology has predictions!"

Whether you believe the stars can guide your personal life or that the stars are distant suns that might hold alien life, this month’s solar eclipse could be the talk of the nation.  Will you be among those journeying north to watch it?

Album of the Week: Caustic Love by Paolo Nutini (Thu 6/1 at 5PM)

I've been listening to Paolo Nutini ever since I first got the FREE iTunes download from his debut album in 2006. This is a lot longer than usual for me to stick with an artist (uninterrupted), especially as most of my musical tastes have transformed significantly over time. What helped keep my interest in his music was that Nutini ALSO transformed over time. 

His first album (These Streets) was, for all intents and purposes, a mellow folk/pop album. It's nice, easy listening. 

Caustic Love was released on Atlantic Records in 2014 - this time he was exploring something different. This album is much more rooted in R&B and soul, with clear influences from artists like Marvin Gaye and Janis Joplin. The vocals aren't as balls-to-the-wall as some of the great soul singers but it's a different, gentler vocal style with the kind of raspy Joplin-esque quality that I really love.