Album of the Week (11/8): Abyss by Chelsea Wolfe

Chelsea Wolfe's music could possibly best be described as folk metal. But you might disagree--that's just my take. 

Her sound is often noisy & dark (e.g. tracks 1 "Carrion Flowers" or 2 "Iron Moon" or 10 "Color of Blood"), but other moments are beautiful, tender, and delicate (e.g. tracks 4 "Maw" or 8 "Simple Death" or ).  Her dad was in a country band & she loves Hank Williams, things you can totally hear in some of her songs. But then she took her country/folk roots and gave her music a goth/doom/metal spin.

I chose to play a Chelsea Wolfe album because I love her music--and also got majorly inspired after seeing her live in Sacto (her hometown!) last Friday! Hopefully you don't get put off by the metal or noisy descriptions. You might be pleasantly surprised by what she has to offer. 

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