Album of the Week (4/18): TOXICITY by System of a Down

Released in 2001, this album is pure teenage nostalgia for me and for many of my fellow millennials who had an inclination for the heavier & louder music. Every single track is gorgeous and iconic thanks to Serj Tankian's incredible vocals, Daron Malakian's manic guitar riffs, Shavo Odadjian's sinister vibes, and John Dolmayan's perpetual beast-mode drum playing. 

It was hard to pick ONE album but it got a whole lot easier once I realized that NONE are really radio-friendly except for Toxicity (or else I'll be spending the entire time on-edge trying to censor it per FCC regulations). 

Tune in to Album of the Week this Wednesday, April 18th from 5-6PM to hear this album in its glorious entirety. 

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