Album of the Week: Caustic Love by Paolo Nutini (Thu 6/1 at 5PM)

I've been listening to Paolo Nutini ever since I first got the FREE iTunes download from his debut album in 2006. This is a lot longer than usual for me to stick with an artist (uninterrupted), especially as most of my musical tastes have transformed significantly over time. What helped keep my interest in his music was that Nutini ALSO transformed over time. 

His first album (These Streets) was, for all intents and purposes, a mellow folk/pop album. It's nice, easy listening. 

Caustic Love was released on Atlantic Records in 2014 - this time he was exploring something different. This album is much more rooted in R&B and soul, with clear influences from artists like Marvin Gaye and Janis Joplin. The vocals aren't as balls-to-the-wall as some of the great soul singers but it's a different, gentler vocal style with the kind of raspy Joplin-esque quality that I really love.

I love listening to this album when I need to mellow out. It slows me down (in a good way) and if you like beautiful/interesting vocals, good production, and a nice mix of light funk/soul/r&b then you'll probably like this album too. It'd probably also help if you're a sentimental cheeseball like me. 

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