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Divine Intervention

Divine Intervention on KDRT logo

Divine Intervention strikes the KDRT airwaves—a musical ministry—live every Monday evening with an unholy assortment of ambrosial audio to indoctrinate your ears. Tune in for much new music in the spirit of alt/rock/pop/indie/punk, with some roots and randomness to round out the service. For the truly devout, don't miss Vinyl Vespers—a weekly feature to worship a "best of the worst" cut from the deep-discount record bins. Show hostesse @JessGoddesse is available for comments and convo via Twitter. :-J

Live Monday 7-9pm
Replays Wednesday 2-4pm

The Awesome Patrol Show

Joy, Gentle Friends!!

Tune in to The Awesome Patrol Show (TAPS) Live at 9pm on MONDAY nights (*New AwEsOmE Time *) to find out what SaraTAPS is sending out, to set you up for a great week with fun mix featuring a variety of the freshest indie label tunes, some fan fav's, occasional super special guests, along with the scoop on live music shows and noteworthy events in and around the Davis, Ca. Cheers Friends! All are welcome at this DaNCePaRtY!

Live Monday 9-10pm
Replays Tuesday 10-11pm

Vinyl Folk with Doc Tari

Vinyl folk will be a tour of the world's peoples through recorded music, including country blues from the 1920s, Bolivian field recordings from the '60s, as well as more modern recordings from Madagascar to Davis.


DJ Doc Tari worked at a record store in New Orleans for many years, this show will largely be a tour of the vinyl he collected while down there. Vinyl Folk will also feature interviews and live performances from musicians, both local and touring. Join Doc Tari every week for an exploration of a new musical theme.


Live Friday 5-6pm
Replays Monday 10-11pm, Tuesday 11am-12pm, Sunday 9-10pm