Album of the Week: Häxan by Dungen (8/16 at 5PM)

The first time I heard Dungen's music was in 2005 on a CD I found during my weekly rummage at the public library. I was an instant fan of their album "Stadvandringar" - it didn't matter that I didn't understand the lyrics. It was the general soundscape & vibe that hooked me. That kick-started my interest in Swedish music & a decade+ love of this odd psych/folk/rock band. 

When the album Häxan came out last November I was stoked. Not just because it was yet another Dungen album, but also because it was such a good one! It's their only all-instrumental album, which made it feel that much more special ~ finally it truly was all about the music itself! This album is Dungen's imagined score for the gorgeous 1926 Lotte Reiniger's animated film "The Adventures of Prince Achmed." 

They have a show in SF tonight (August 16) at The Chapel. I wish I could be there but I'm here instead doing my part to share their music with you. Fans of classic rock & psych along the lines of Pink Floyd will really enjoy this, and hopefully others will as well.

Their whole album + context can be found on their bandcamp page

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