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Lois Richter’s format for That’s Life is mostly interviews. Recurring topics include Davis activities and groups; work and life choices; philosophy and theory; plus birding, cooking, art, and other passions. Lois occasionally breaks into music -- from ballads to the slack key sounds of Hawaii to golden oldies rock 'n' roll -- but mostly we just talk.

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That's Freddie Oakley in 2019

Do you remember when Freddie Oakley was our Elections official for Yolo County?  I've know Freddie for many years, interviewed her on my television series back in the 1990s, and even had her guest-host that show ("Thoughtfulness" on DCTV) once.  Today on That's Life, we reminisce about the old days (good old days? bad old days?) and hear what Freddie has been doing since she retired.  Retired?  HAH!  Busier than ever is more like it!  Hope you enjoy the chat.

Margaret pus macaron equals business

Hometown gal makes good!  And makes good margaron!

     Margaret Waterhouse is the baker and seller of her dessert specialty -- the Margaron -- and the owner of her own two-year-old company, W. Margaron. The W. is for her surname (Waterhouse) and Margaron is a word she made up -- a merging of Margaret and macaron.

That's Gitane

     Gitane is another talk show host here at KDRT.  With her weekly program "Heart to Heart" (live Wenzdays at noon), she has been a mainstay of our station since it first opened.  Listen today to hear about this facinating French woman and stories of how she came to be here and now.  

     Growing up in French Canada, moving to the States, getting a PhD, being a professional when women were scarce in her field, hosting her own show for years on a commercial station in Florida (where she was known as "Dr G"), living in LOTS of places, and being involved in Davis for many years now.  Her first name is Gitane. Her last name is Gitane. Her ONLY name is Gitane! (If I were to try and show the pronunciation, I'd probably write it as  zhe-TAHN [the "G" is soft and the name rhymes with "on"].)  

That's Jesse Salinas

     Yolo County Assessor, Clerk-Recorder, and Registar of Voters.  What a mouthful!  But that is the offical title of Jesse Salinas, who is with us today to talk about elections.  Although we do chat a bit about some of the problems with elections that are in the news from around the US, most of this hour is discussing how we do things in Yolo County (and in California) and why we AVOID all those problems!  In addition to explaining how the current system works, Jesse tells us about new lows that will soon go into effect and what will change because of that.  

    Whether you are a new voter and an old hand, here's the straight scoop about the why and how of voting.

That's a repeat again.

Lois was away for a three weeks and played some repeat shows.  


31 January aired the 7/28/2016 show "City of Davis wildlife expert on That's Life" with John McNerney --

7 February aired the Nov. 2018 show "That's John McNerney, Talkin' Turkey" --

14 February aired "That's Pieter Pastoor" from 8/30/2018 --



That's Tyler Lee!

Who's Tyler Lee, you ask?

He's a very nice young man who Lois met at KDRT when he and another fellow were alphabetizing vinyl records in our library.  Lois, of course, started chatting with Tyler and (not unusually) ended up asking him to come and be on the show.  And he agreed!

This is a man with a wonderful story.  I hope you have as much fun listening to this show as we had making it. 

Scott Love On Air

     Speaking about the Yolo County Library in general and current programs in specific, Regional Supervisor Scott Love again joins Lois for an hour of talk.  Printed books are not the only things at the Library these days.  Digital books (that is, files you read on your own computer or tablet) have expanded the range of materials that libraries can offer by cutting down on the expenses associated with physical objects.  No more staff time checking things out and in, no more reshelving, no more shipping books across the county, and no having to find more shelf space over the years.  AND, since digital "e-books" are rented instead of purchased, the library can have a dozen copies of a very popular new book but then cut back the number of copies as requests for that title wanes.

     There are many other programs and resources in the system.  This is definitely an informative show.


That's Some Repetition

Some shows repeated while Lois was away and the station was closed at the end of 2018 (Nov 22 and Dec 13, 20, and  27).  

First, on 22 November, we re-aired the 11/8/18 interview with John McNerney "Talking' "Turkey" at:

Then on December 13, 20, and 27 we re-aired three shows Don Shor did for us on the history of Jazz. Those programs are archived at:

Jazz with Don Shor (part 1) -- "From the Begining"(2/8/18) at:

Jazz with Don Shor (part 2) -- "Famous Women Jazz Singers" (2/15/18) at:

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I love listening to your Hawaiian music choices and your comments on Hawaii when you play Hawaiian music. :-)

-- Arielle

I forgot about all this great music...thanks for reminding me.

Great show! Never knew so much about green building...great guest. [Casa Verde]

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