That's Birding in April


yellow-rumped warbler in courting clothes

BIrding is fun!  And it's something you can safely do with your family at the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area near Davis.  This interview with birding-expert  Mary Scheidt was recorded outside, in a quiet spot behind her office off Chile Rd.  Although the headquarters building is closed and all the public events have been cancelled, the actual Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area is open every day from sunrise to sunset.  The driving loops allow you to use your car to get close to the birds without ever getting close to other people.

What might you see or hear today?  Listen to this episode to find out.  Go on out!  Fresh air is good for you and looking for birds is very relaxing.


STATION STILL CLOSED!   But Lois has gotten it together to create her first radio episode at home!  That's Life will be created at home in the future (but not every week for a while).  Lois remains fine. Support for KDRT is always welcome.


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