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Lois Richter’s format for That’s Life is mostly interviews. Recurring topics include Davis activities and groups; work and life choices; philosophy and theory; plus birding, cooking, art, and other passions. Lois occasionally breaks into music — from ballads to the slack key sounds of Hawaii to golden oldies rock 'n' roll — but mostly there is just talk.

To suggest a topic for discussion or a person to interview, text Lois or leave a message in the comments here.

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That's Life and Family with Lisa Henderson


History!  It's all HISTORY !!  (Family history, that is.) 

Lisa Henderson is a dynamo!  She is always very busy, yet never too busy to help if help is needed.  Lois and Lisa have worked together on many genealogy activities -- Davis Genealogy Club presentations (and now zoom meetings), the DGC website, the International German Genealogy Conference (IGGC) in 2019, and other events. We have also shared some just-for-fun times.  This episode of "That's Life" was recorded during the pandemic and does not have current announcements. 

In 2023, Lois & Lisa became "stent buddies" after similar heart prblems and "stent" solutions.  We meet monthly to check in and shared experiences and resources.


(Original aired in Feb 2021.  New broadcast in Nov 2023.)

That's Life with Kevin Ross Hall

[Broadcast 10/19 & 10/26/2023.]


Kevin Hall managed the volunteer team taking the 2020 US Census in our area.  Here's the inside scoop on how it got done.

In addition to census-work, Kevin is a budding author and will [soon?] publish his book under the name "Kevin Ross Hall" -- because it turns out "Kevin Hall", "Kevin Ross", and "K.R. Hall" are already in professional use.  We talked about his writing, his family history, and genealogy in general.  

That's Life in Grace Garden

[Broadcast 10/5/2023 and 10/12/2023.]

Grace Garden is a wonderful community resource created by neighbors to help neighbors.  The garden is located at the Davis United Methodist Church at 1610 Anderson Road and is run by many, many volunteers.  Starting in 2009 with a weedy back yard, this garden has blossomed and grown into a  thriving year-round place to feed not only the body but also the mind and the spirit.  

Leadership training, gardening classes, concerts, and art projects have all been seen in the Garden.  They also have plant sales to raise money.

YOU TOO can help this wonderful place by dropping in to work in the garden (any Monday, Thursday, or Saturday morning from 9-11), or by donating $$, or by volunteering for some other task.  The Grace Garden website has more information, history, and ways to get involved.


That's Life with art and birds in Maui

[Broadcast on 8/3/2023 and 8/10/2023.]

Kristina Mekdeci was born with an artistic talent. And she has lived her life exploring and creating art of various sorts.

She wrote "There exists a variety of art styles, so why restrict one’s artistic freedom to only one style?"

Kristina is always pushing the limits in visual communication. Her style brings up a feeling of joy inside the viewer while also telling a story of the possible realities we appear to be living in. Each series is uniquely different while still expressing an overwhelming theme of bright colors and flat 2D brush strokes.  You can watch many of her educational art videos on her YouTube Channel   Kre8withKristina.  and more info about her at her website.

By the way, she lives with several birds that are included in this recording.

That's Life with Don Shor and TREES, pt 1

[Broadcast on 07/20/2023 and 07/27/2023.]



"That's Life with Don Shor and TREES"  will be a multi-part series featuring the inimitable Don Shor.  This is part one of ... Two?, Three?, ...?  As many as it itakes!

Although this is just the first episode, we dive deep into the roots and find out where nature's flow is taking us.  Don tells us lots about trees -- who, what, why, where, when, which, and whatever.

This is a topic which will be visited and re-visited in coming months and years.

What can YOU do to help with Davis' urban tree canopy?  Care properly for your own trees, choose wisely if you are planting a new tree, and volunteer with TREE DAVIS to make our town even better.  

That's Life is on hiatus

[Repeat shows aired from 2/16/2023 thru 7/13/2023.]


In January, three shows about JAZZ played while Lois was out of town.

On 8 February 2023, Lois had a heart attack and is doing fine. (Got one stent and lots of medication. Now there's just a little less energy than before.)  But Lois did not create any new shows for a while.  So the three interviews with Don Shor (re Jazz) ran again in February.   

Various re-runs happened from March thru mid-July.  They were chosen by KDRT staff and I do not know which were aired when.

Thanks for supporting KDRT.

That's Life with Ann Ranlett

[Re-played 02/09/2023. Original interview in 2018.]


Ann Ranlett is an artist.  A SCRATCHBOARD artist.  What's that, you say?  Listen to today's show and find out!

Lois found Ann while researching a 'drawing' to be donated to the Friends of Art for their auction at the Yolo County Fair.   Once Lois figuring out this was not a drawing, but actually a scratchboard; she tried to find a gathering place of such folks to see if anyone know more about artist Friend.  Although she did find such a group, alas, no one knew that artist.   (Do you know a local artist named "H. Friend" who was been making things in 1972?)

But during those communications, Lois discovered that Ann Ranlett lived in northern California and was willing to come and be interviewed!  Which brings us to this show.

That's 50 Years of Birding!

[Broadcast 1/19/2023, 1/26/2023, and 2/2/2023.]


Former Davisite and long-time friend, Elizabeth Gould has been birding for 50 years

Today she shares her experiences -- where she went, what she saw, and how it felt to be there.  Lots of info and interesting chatter today. 

And if you want to SEE what these birds look like, keep an eye on and check out Elizabeth's appearance there in the future.


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I love listening to your Hawaiian music choices and your comments on Hawaii when you play Hawaiian music. :-)

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