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Lois Richter’s format for That’s Life is mostly interviews. Recurring topics include Davis activities and groups; work and life choices; philosophy and theory; plus birding, cooking, art, and other passions. Lois occasionally breaks into music -- from ballads to the slack key sounds of Hawaii to golden oldies rock 'n' roll -- but mostly we just talk.

If you want to suggest a topic for discussion or a person to interview, text Lois or leave a message in the comments here.

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That's the Library and Friends

Two guests today.  Librarian Scott Love managed several branches of the Yolo County Library system, includnig the two libraries in Davis. Rory Osborne is president of ...   Friends of the Davis Public Library. Or  the Davis Friends of the Library.  Or Friends of the Davis Library.  

Whatever it's called, this is volunteer organization turns donated books into cash -- to help support our Library and its many programs.

A timely update on the current situation with our library, info about upcoming events, and some ways YOU can help make things happen.  

That's Life with Shelley Tan


Local author Shelley Tan talks about her first book "Better Late Than Forever", about becoming an author, and how she promotes her work. 

In addition, Shelley and Lois chat about websites, finding (or making) a community focused on writing, and other thoughts.

Details about her book (and the others coming in that series) are at:

That's Life Reuse and Recycle


What's the City up to now?

Recycling guru Jennifer Gilbert works for the City's Public Works Department and specializes in making things in town less wasteful.  

Today she tells up about the new program the City has for helping people who are moving away get what they leave behind into some place other than the trash.  While this program is aimed primarily at renters, anyone in town can use it. 

We also talk about other ways to keep Davis clean and green.

Everyone can find all this info at:

That's Blue, Take Too


Would you like another COLORful show?  This is part two of the color "BLUE"!

BLUE is in the name -- of the song, of the album, or of the artist/band.  There were so many "blue" choices, that I made TWO shows this color!

This one includes Kate Wolf, the Grateful Dead, Johnny Cash, Eric Clapton, Ella Fitzgerald, Gershwin, and more.

So here it is --  "That's Blue, Take Too".

That's Blue Music


Sitting at my computer   ...    browsing the songs in my iTunes Library   ...   trying to figure out what to feature next  ...

I decided to be COLORful !!!  So this show is the color "BLUE"!

Not jazz-blue, nor blue-grass, nor being-sad-blues.  BLUE is in the name -- of the song, of the album, or of the artist/band.  And I have so many "blue" choices, that I am making TWO shows this color!   So here it is --  "Blue, part one"!

That's Staying Music


Songs of homecoming and staying, travelling and returning.  From the Civil War, the 1940s, the 1960s, and on up to modern times -- here's another selection of songs from my own collection.  Fewer jazz/blues songs in this group; and more country.  With (of course!) one by John Denver!

This is the other half of my Coming and Going pair of shows. (This time I searched for: come, stay, home, travel, arrival, etcetera.)

That's Really Gone Music

"Okay, Lois; think of a topic for the next show. ...  Or maybe a THEME? ... "

Now that many folks are thinking about coming and going, how about a show featuring music with those words?

I looked thru my personal collection and found a great many songs by searching for 'coming', 'going', and similar words .  TOO MANY songs, in fact, to fit into just one show.  So here  is "Going, Going, Gone"  --  the first of my pair of Coming and Going shows. 

Lots of different albums, singers, and styles here -- including Lena Horne, The Beatles, John Denver -- and with song dates ranging thru the Civil War, the 1940s, '60s, '70s, and even some this century!  Hope you enjoy this eclectic selection ... with love, Lois.

That's Life with David Paskin

David Paskin, or Rabbi David as he is often called, is an accomplished spiritual leader, a singer/songwriter, a Jewish futurist, a social activist, an award-winning Jewish edutainer, and your Torah Tech Guy.  He's also the "Rock-n-rRoll Rabbi".  AND he has published several books.  AND he is a speaker/presenter both online and in person.

And, most importantly, he is a friend and a wonderful human being.  

Join your That's Life host, Lois Richter, as she get the story from David.  And then another story.  And another.  These two can really talk!!!

Hope you enjoy the show.

That's a Quaker Response


In late February, Russia invaded Ukraine.  One Quaker's response was to start a daily Meeting for Worship to Pray for Peace in Ukraine -- on zoom and open to everyone in the world.  Why did she do that? How did it happen? Is it still going?  Julie Harlow from Davis is that "one Quaker" and she joins me today to talk about her involvement with Quakers, Ukraine, and "Friends House Moscow".

What different kinds of Quaker are there in the world and how have they responded to the war in Ukraine?  Julie helps us understand.

A Friend from the Quaker Meeting in Davis, Julie has been part of my community and my life for over 40 years.  She is someone I admire greatly. I'm glad she came to talk with us today.

That's Paper Quilling with Sophy

The company Sophy Lakshmanan created for making and teaching Paper Quilling is "Miss Paper Craft", and Sophy had a booth at the Whole Earth Festival -- which is where Lois met her --  selling quilled earrings like the ones she is wearing now.

What is Paper Quilling?  It is the technique of rolling thin strips of paper to form different shapes and designs.  

On her website Sophy says: "I stumbled upon Paper Quilling in 2012 and ever since it has been my goto craft for making handmade gifts for friends and family. When I moved to the US, I noticed that Paper Quilling was not as common as it was back in India. From there one thing led to another and "Miss Paper Craft" was born."  Her company was born in 2021.

When Lois was  her booth at WEF, Sophy had a demo table and gave visitors the materials and instruction to quill a small item.  It was FUN!  

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I love listening to your Hawaiian music choices and your comments on Hawaii when you play Hawaiian music. :-)

-- Arielle

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I forgot about all this great music...thanks for reminding me.

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Great show! Never knew so much about green building...great guest. [Casa Verde]

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