COVID-19 Community Report

In a time of physical distancing, access to local news and information became more important than ever. Autumn Labbe-Renault went live on the air with the "Covid-19 Community Report" on March 20, 2020, and remained on the air through April 2021, producing 62 episodes and interviewing close to 100 people during a time of unprecedented public health crisis. Please scroll down below this description for the archives of all previous 62 episodes available to stream.


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COVID-19 Community Report, April 27, 2021- Yolo Food Bank

The concept of feeding people--of ensuring this most basic need of enough to eat---has played such a big role in the COVID-19 pandemic that it was an easy pick for me to center the last episode of this show on the Yolo Food Bank. With a mission to end hunger and food insecurity in Yolo County, joining me are the food bank’s Executive Director, Michael Bisch, and Robb Davis, who recently joined the organization as its first Impact and Innovation Officer. This was an interesting discussion with two local heroes, looking back on this year, and also ahead. Link to for more information.

COVID-19 Community Report, April 20, 2021: Voices of the Pandemic

Since launching this show on March 17, 2020 I’ve interviewed just shy of 100 people representing a breadth of experiences across Yolo County. We’ve heard from elected officials ranging from Congress to school board; from Yolo County’s public health staff, and from teachers, students, and parents. I’ve interviewed artists and musicians; journalists, businesses, and nonprofit leaders. I’ve focused on the science, interviewing epidemiologists, virologists, and hospital administrators. We’ve talked about mental health, homelessness, hopelessness, and resiliency. And through it all, I’ve tried to illustrate that the pandemic has meant many things to many people, and to highlight the ways it has illuminated the holes in our safety net, and the extra burdens borne by marginalized communities. Today I’ve pulled out what I thought were particularly poignant passages from the past 13 months.

COVID-19 Community Report, April 13, 2021: Yolo County Supervisor Don Saylor

As I am winding down this series (last show airs April 27), I wanted to circle back with someone at the county level, and I chose Don Saylor, whom I last interviewed in June 2020.

Supervisor Saylor represents District 2, including the cities of Davis and Winters, the campus of the University of California at Davis, and the farm land of southwestern Yolo County. His public service career spans over 45 years and includes 25 years elected in office, administrative, planning and analytical positions in local government and both the legislative and executive branches of California state government.

COVID-19 Community Report, April 6, 2021: Heather Caswell, downtown Davis business owner for 34 years

This month I’m touching base with folks in a few key sectors - business, local government and nonprofit - to talk about what’s next as we begin to emerge from the pandemic.  My guest today is Heather Caswell, who’s celebrating 34 years operating The Wardrobe in Downtown Davis. We’ll talk about business during a pandemic, what she’s learned in more than three decades of operating a small business in Davis, and what her work is centering on now, including the Davis Community Vision Alliance.

COVID-19 Community Report, March 30, 2021: Davis Enterprise reporter, Anne-Ternus-Bellamy

This past year, Anne Ternus-Bellamy and I have sent each other occasional notes of encouragement as we've both covered the pandemic and its impact here in Yolo County. I talk to people about their experiences, while Anne has been deeply immersed reporting on the phenomenal rate of daily information generated by public health agencies and local government.

Anne grew up in San Anselmo, CA, where she first started writing for newspapers. She graduated with a degree in journalism from Northwestern University, and afterwards headed to Sacramento to work for a legal newspaper covering the state Capitol and courts. She took a long break from working full time — about 10 years — to stay home with her kids, though she still freelanced for the Enterprise and other publications and spent many years volunteering with Davis schools.

COVID-19 Community Report, March 23rd, 2021: Yolo County Children's Alliance director of programs Jeneba Lahai

I became aware of Jeneba Lahai and her work with Yolo County Children's Alliance (YCCA) a few weeks ago when she spoke on a panel hosted by Yolo Community Foundation. She is the director of programs for YCCA, which helps families, particularly non-English speaking families, access services, learn valuable parenting skills, and find support. As an immigrant herself (she is originally from Sierra Leone, West Africa), Jeneba has particular insight into immigrant families' needs during the pandemic.

COVID-19 Community Report, March 16, 2021: Addressing anti-Asian racism and later, local Women's History Month

My guests today are Lisa Yep Salinas and Dotty Pritchard. Lisa and I will talk about the rise of anti-Asian and Pacific Islander racism and xenophobia during the pandemic. A resolution that condemns anti-Asian violence was approved unanimously by the Yolo County Board of Supervisors in February, and it is on the consent calendar for the Davis City Council meeting tonight. Dotty Pritchard and I will chat about the longtime Yolo County Women’s History Month luncheon, usually held this time of year. I'll also provide the weekly updates from Yolo County Public Health.

COVID-19 Community Report, March 9, 2021: Student Voices Part 2

Episode 55 wraps up my monthlong series on reopening the schools in the Davis Joint Unified School District. Last week's chats with elementary and junior high school students, and the two segments with high-school seniors this week, are among the more important interviews I've done this year. These young folks are going to be living with the post-pandemic reality for a very long time, and their varied perspectives are fascinating to hear. I believed it was important to give them a voice at this point in time.

COVID-19 Community Report, March 2, 2021: Student Voices Part 1

This month, I’ve been focusing on the return to in-person instruction in the Davis Joint Unified School District. I’ve interviewed administrators, teachers, and parents, and now, I’m speaking with students from various grades throughout the DJUSD. This week you’ll hear from Harper Pfeifer and Henry Schumaker, who are 6th and 7th graders respectively, and on March 9, I’ll chat with two high school seniors who have had very different pandemic experiences, Emme Dunning and Daniel Engotto.

In the youth advocacy and mentoring work I do, I believe it’s critical to hear directly from young folks, especially when they’re so deeply impacted by decisions that adults are making for and around them. I want to be clear that I had no agenda when I talked with these kids around school reopening — I just wanted to know how they were feeling about it. And with the two student voices you’ll hear today, they have very different perspectives on the matter.

COVID-19 Community Report, Feb. 23, 2021: Speaking with two local parents groups about school reopening

This month, I’ve been focusing on the return to in-person instruction in the Davis Joint Unified School District. This week I’m speaking with parents who represent different viewpoints on reopening. Dr. Audrey Pan with Safe Classrooms, Safe Community - Davis  joins me in the first interview, and Dr. Rachel Klein of DJUSD Parent Coalition- It's Time to Safely Go Back to School joins me in a second interview. Over the next 1-2 weeks, I will wrap this monthlong series by speaking with several DJUSD students. Previous interviews have included the teachers' perspectives on Feb. 16, and the district 's administration perspective with Dr. John Bowes on Feb. 9, 2021.  All 53 episodes can be streamed at the COVID-19 Community Report show page.

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