COVID-19 Community Report, April 6, 2021: Heather Caswell, downtown Davis business owner for 34 years

This month I’m touching base with folks in a few key sectors - business, local government and nonprofit - to talk about what’s next as we begin to emerge from the pandemic.  My guest today is Heather Caswell, who’s celebrating 34 years operating The Wardrobe in Downtown Davis. We’ll talk about business during a pandemic, what she’s learned in more than three decades of operating a small business in Davis, and what her work is centering on now, including the Davis Community Vision Alliance.

Also, I  want to announce that I’ll be wrapping this series at the end of this month, with the last episode airing April 27. I started the show more than a year ago, thinking I’d continue it for a few months. It’s been purposeful work, and I hope it’s been of service, and  I need to begin reclaiming the chunk of time it takes to produce live public affairs radio each week. Thank you to all who have taken the time to speak with me, listened to the show, and provided feedback. I am truly grateful on many levels. As need dictates, I may offer up an occasional interview as a podcast only, but I’m freeing up this spot for someone else.