COVID-19 Community Report, April 27, 2021- Yolo Food Bank

The concept of feeding people--of ensuring this most basic need of enough to eat---has played such a big role in the COVID-19 pandemic that it was an easy pick for me to center the last episode of this show on the Yolo Food Bank. With a mission to end hunger and food insecurity in Yolo County, joining me are the food bank’s Executive Director, Michael Bisch, and Robb Davis, who recently joined the organization as its first Impact and Innovation Officer. This was an interesting discussion with two local heroes, looking back on this year, and also ahead. Link to for more information.

If you have enough food, you tend to take it for granted. Mealtimes happen at regular intervals, grocery stores and local markets are nearby and readily accessible. If you've ever experienced food insecurity, however, food looms large as one of the biggest problems in need of a fix. It's hard to take care of other basic needs if you're too hungry to think clearly, or if you're worried about where the next meal comes from.  In this interview,we hear about the huge increase in volunteer effort during the pandemic, and interesting questions they are working to address moving forward.

Epsiode 62 is the final episode of this series. I want to thank everyone who has listened, participated, shared, and supported this effort.

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