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Jun 2017 interview schedule ...


Continuing my "That's Life" program with interviews, here's the schedule for June 2017.

6/1: Autumn Labbe-Renault "On having an Etsy store" AND "what's new with KDRT, DMA, DCTV?"

6/8: Corky Quirk: "Bats in your Belfry ... I mean Bypass"

6/15: Nada's "Healing Touch II" (background music) ...

6/22: NorthSound's "Classical Songbirds" (background music with birds and string quartet) ...

6/29:  "Iran — it’s people and land" Interview with Humphrey Fellowship Program scholars Samaneh Seifollahi-Aghmiuni and Navid Ghajarnia.

May 2017 interview schedule ...


Continuing my "That's Life" program with interviews, here's the schedule for May.  (I'll add to this list as more people are scheduled.)

5/4: Chris DeWees on "Fishprinting -- Gyotaku" describes the process of this ancient art form and the book he is publishing about it

5/11: Meet me on the Quad!!   [No on-air interview this week because I'll be helping set up for the Whole Earth Festival (F 12-10, Sa 10-10, Su 10-6). Help welcome!]

5/18: "WIOA in Yolo County" about helping people find work locally = Elaine Lytle and Kim Neillsen

5/25: Mikki Grey Rutamu on "H.H. Humphrey Fellowship Program" which brings foreign scholars to UCD. Three  current Fellows also chat with us.

Lois has a new format -- always an interview!

In March 2017,  I changed the standard format of my program.  Instead of USUALLY playing music with occasional interviews, now "That's Life" will be MOSTLY interviews with music tucked in now and then.  The show remains at Thursdays at 1:00pm, check schedule for re-play times as they may change quarterly.

The line-up of guests for Spring 2017 is/was as follows:

... Lois was gone, but is now BACK!

radio mic on stand


If you are reading this, you can see how little I've actually used this "blog" -- a blog is available to each DJ or host just for having a radio program on KDRT. I started doing these two shows ("That's Life" and "Davis Garden Show") with good intentions to keep up communications with our listeners. I initiated podcasts of both shows when podcasting first was created -- even before iTunes was doing it. In fact, "Davis Garden Show" is one of the longest-running podcasts in the world! I also designed and created webpages for each program on my domain GoTouring.com .
Don Shor quickly took over our joint website (creating the DavisGardenShow.com domain) and doing the weekly uploading of our MP3 files. Once the podcasts were in iTunes, he also made sure the RSS feed was working and he currently handles the tech side of things for that show.

Summer birds: Where ARE they?! Tune in to "That's Life" on 6/21/2012

Scrub Jay bath

Every spring I see the male Red-Winged Blackbirds preening, courting, and establishing their territories as the yellow mustard starts to flower. Then the ladies show up, and "defending their space" is what all those boy birds think about. Suddenly, a few weeks later, I don't see them around. Silence. The mustard gets cut down without drama. No blackbirds. Where ARE they? Surely "fall migration" doesn't start in May! Or does it? I've asked Mary Sheidt (a birding expert, Audubon leader, and Fish & Game official) to talk to us about summer birds in Davis. Including blackbirds. And Barn Swallows. And Scrub Jays -- like, if all those others leave, why don't the jays? We'll take questions in the second half of the hour, so feel free to call in at 530-792-1648 between 1:15 and 1:45 on Thursday, June 21.

Freddie Oakley (19 Sept 2009) on That's Life

Freddie Oakley is a wonder! As Yolo County's Clerk-Recorder, she not only keeps our elections running; she also finds new and creative ways to address problems as they arise, looks to the future and offers solutions for NEW problems BEFORE they arise, and is an expert resource to other counties and states (and researchers) about election issues. A frequent guest on my old DCTV show "Thoughtfulness", Freddie has helped us understand everything from what State regulations affect our elections -- to how the gubernatorial recall worked -- to details of being a voter. On my 2009 radio show, Freddie describes legislation