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Lois' bio as of 2023


LOIS RICHTER is an active member of the community in Davis, California. In 1980, she started her main company, "The Organizer", to help people keep the papers from taking over their lives. Once the Internet came into being, Lois did website design and taught for many years (thru Davis Adult School, Davis Senior Center, City of Davis, and the Internet Users' Group [IUG]). Semi-retiring in 2009 to help her Mom (who had lost much of her vision), Lois continued to work with a few private clients. After Mom died at age 98, Lois officially retired and began focussing more on making art and on the Whole Earth Festival -- long-time interests that had been put on hold for those last five years.

The UCD Arboretum, Davis Friends Meeting [Quakers], WEF, CWC, KDRT, DMA, Sr Cntr Jewelry Sale, indexing genealogy-related documents for use on FamilySearch.org, and various other volunteer tasks have kept Lois quite busy in recent years. Haiku & haiga, embossed aluminum, encaustic, ATCs, mosaic, and bent-wire sculpture are some of her recent art interests. The latest (and greatest!) is a variation of 'poured acrylics' that Lois calls 'swiped acrylics'.

What's happened now? Why no recent blog posts?


You may notice that I haven't posted "upcoming shows" for 2018-2019. 

I did, of course, keep my own list of who was scheduled for which day; but I didn't think people were actually looking here to find out what happening in the FUTURE.  Instead, I focussed on keeping the "Archives" descriptions accurate for all my current shows -- usually getting  things entered within a week or two after the show aired.

Now, mid-2020, I am producing my radio shows AT HOME and uploading them to the KDRT site for broadcasting at the usual time.

That means that I am ALWAYS adding descriptions and an image to each show as it gets scheduled, so that I'm always up-to-date.  No need for blogging. To see all my recent "That's Life" shows, go to:  https://kdrt.org/programs/thats-life  

PS: in 2021, shows were shuffled and this one ended up BEFORE the Davis Garden Show.  So if you want to see the current show times for anything on KDRT, check out the schedule at:  https://kdrt.org/station/schedule

District Elections: Explanation of City's forced switch


On 3 October, Thursday at 1:00pm, "That's Life" host Lois Richter will interview Councilmember Dan Carson. He will explain about the CHANGE TO DISTRICT ELECTIONS. Both the history of why it happened and the complex process we are now in to finish setting things up.

There will be more public meetings, but things are happening VERY fast (because of the state-mandated 90-day timeframe) so if you are interested in elections, NOW is the time to pay attention!

If you have questions you would like me to pose to Dan, please email them to the show's new eddress -- KDRT.ThatsLife@gmail.com -- before 8:00 am Thursday.

"That's Life" broadcasts live at 1 pm Thursdays, re-plays @ 2pm Sundays.

Finally caught up!


FINALLY! All the archives of "That's Life" from January 2017 thru today have both DESCRIPTIONS and IMAGES. That was a lot of work.

I'll think about listening to and indexing 2016 and earlier ... someday ... maybe ...  we'll see ...

Actually, I haven't even finished indexing (let alone digitizing!) all my old DCTV shows.  Those started in the 1990s and ended in 2003.  During that time I had several series and a few stand-alone programs on the television side before KDRT was formed and I switched to the radio side.

We sure had fun producing all those tv programs! 

And now I'm having fun doing my weekly radios shows.

Things always change.

But then, That's Life!


That's the rest of 2017!

Here’s what the rest of 2017 looks like on That's Life:

Oct 26 = Mel Russell continues the series on WWI “Lest We Forget”

Nov 2 = Scott Love, "The Modern LIBRARY -- What it offers and how to access things"

Nov 9 = Alison Borkowska returns!

Nov 16 = John McNerney (City of Davis), "Parks to Enjoy" and an urban critter update

Nov 23 = station closed for turkey day!

Nov 30, Dec 7, Dec 14  = GONE (no live show)

Dec 21  = Chris DeWees' new book is out!

Dec 28  = CLOSED (no live show)


AND .. Here’s what the summer/fall programs were [archives at https://kdrt.org/programs/thats-life ]:

July 6 and 13th replayed “Bats”

July 20 = "Yolo Hospice” (Micah and Craig)

July 27 = Ken Bradford and I'Talia McCarthy from "Davis Food Coop”

Aug 3 = Betty Berteaux and Sally Besser "Yolo County Fair, Friends of Art, and a Silent Auction to benefit local schools' art programs”

Aug 10 = Anne Cowles “Astrology: What It Is and How it Works"

Lest We Forget -- Yolo in WWI

WW1 soldier-300x410.jpg

(image of Ray Maclock Harlow)

Where was YOUR family a hundred years ago?

What would YOU have been doing if you had lived here then?

Former Yolo County Archivist Mel Russell will give us a 100-year-old NEW FLASH on 'That's Life' on 26 October 2017 (Thursday @ 1pm, Friday @ 3pm)! Her second talk in the series 'Lest We Forget' will cover the second six months of World War I as experienced by residents of Yolo County: On the home front there is extensive activity by the Red Cross, YMCA, various schools, and the newly formed ultra-patriotic 'Liberty Leagues'.  Young draftees are disbursed to training camps throughout the nation. 'Enemy Aliens' now have to register with the government. Some Yolo boys are on the troop ship 'Tuscania' that sinks in the Irish sea killing 210 men, while others finally make it 'Over There'. Now we get word of our very first causalities of the war. And also of our first medal for bravery -- when the French 'Croix de Guerre' is awarded to ambulance driver Herbert Hope, a volunteer from Yolo County.
100 Years Ago Today = Still at War!

DCTV -- What, Where, When, Why?

What KDRT is to radio, DCTV is to video -- a public access station in Davis!

In existence for almost thirty years, parts of DCTV (Davis Community Television) are brand new as of 2017. Listen to That's Life on Thursday, 28 Sept, at 1:00 pm to find out all about the current programs, events, and opportunities here at the station. Re-broadcast is Friday at 3:00 pm.

Lois' guest Diane Dedoshka is DMA's Studio Manager. Her bio reads: "Diane works part-time managing DCTV's studio productions. The studio shoots are learning labs for community members, and Diane often trains people 'on the fly'. Her background as a producer for commercial television has brought a new level of professionalism to our community productions, and we are grateful she is sharing her time and talent with us."

"Secrets Kids Know..." by humor therapist Allen Klein

Do you like to laugh?  That's GOOD!  And it's good FOR you!!

This week's guest is Allen Klein* is a long-time advocate of the healing properties of laughter and mirth. A co-founder of the AATH (Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor), Allen is a powerful presenter and the author of many many helpful books. 

His newest book is titled "SECRETS KIDS KNOW that adults oughta learn".  Tune in Thursday at 1:00 (or Friday at 3:00) to  hear some of those secrets and find out more about being healthier while being happier. 

* Allen Klein, MA, CSP is an award-winning professional keynote speaker and best-selling author who shows audiences worldwide how humor can help them deal with everyday trials and tribulations as well as triumphing over tragedy. His TEDx Talk is "Your Thoughts & Intentions Create Your Reality". You can find all his books at: http://www.allenklein.com/books.htm 


Encaustic = art made from hot pots of color!

Adele Louise Shaw is an encaustic artist and teacher in Davis. Her work is known world-wide, and her art classes have been drawing enthusiastic students for years. Listen on Thursday at 1:00 pm (7 Sept 2017) or Friday at 3:00 pm (8 Sept 2017) to hear about this fascinating art form. Newly revived in the west, it's origins are over 2000 years old!

What is encaustic? -- the substance, the process, and the finished work all share the same word. Should a piece of encaustic art be flat and painterly or 3-D and sculptural? Should it have bold splashes of color or subtle transparent layers? Since one can include other materials into encaustic, should the art piece then be called "encaustic", "mixed media", or "collage"? Adele will tell us YES! Encaustic art allows freedom of expression on many levels; we are not limited to the 'shoulds' that abound elsewhere.

We will find out the nitty gritty of what materials to use in encaustic art (and why) and also about the care and feeding of an encaustic piece you own. No phone calls today, but Lois has lots of questions stored up -- so this will definitely be a hot episode!

one of my BEST shows! ...


I have seldom  met a person who so quickly and easily feels like a long-time friend.  Even though it was the first time we had seen each other, bat expert Corky Quirk and I were quickly laughing, joking, and having a GREAT time. 

I learned a lot about bats.  And grinned the whole show. 

The episode "Bats in your Belfry ... I mean Bypass" aired live on 6 June 2017 and was an instant favorite.  If you didn't get to hear it, I encourage you to listen to the archived show at: https://kdrt.org/audio/corky-quirk-bats-your-belfry-i-mean-bypass-6817-tl

Maybe I can get Corky to come back again ...