What's happened now? Why no recent blog posts?


You may notice that I haven't posted "upcoming shows" for 2018-2019. 

I did, of course, keep my own list of who was scheduled for which day; but I didn't think people were actually looking here to find out what happening in the FUTURE.  Instead, I focussed on keeping the "Archives" descriptions accurate for all my current shows -- usually getting  things entered within a week or two after the show aired.

Now, mid-2020, I am producing my radio shows AT HOME and uploading them to the KDRT site for broadcasting at the usual time.

That means that I am ALWAYS adding descriptions and an image to each show as it gets scheduled, so that I'm always up-to-date.  No need for blogging. To see all my recent "That's Life" shows, go to:  https://kdrt.org/programs/thats-life  

PS: in 2021, shows were shuffled and this one ended up BEFORE the Davis Garden Show.  So if you want to see the current show times for anything on KDRT, check out the schedule at:  https://kdrt.org/station/schedule

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