Lest We Forget -- Yolo in WWI

WW1 soldier-300x410.jpg

(image of Ray Maclock Harlow)

Where was YOUR family a hundred years ago?

What would YOU have been doing if you had lived here then?

Former Yolo County Archivist Mel Russell will give us a 100-year-old NEW FLASH on 'That's Life' on 26 October 2017 (Thursday @ 1pm, Friday @ 3pm)! Her second talk in the series 'Lest We Forget' will cover the second six months of World War I as experienced by residents of Yolo County: On the home front there is extensive activity by the Red Cross, YMCA, various schools, and the newly formed ultra-patriotic 'Liberty Leagues'.  Young draftees are disbursed to training camps throughout the nation. 'Enemy Aliens' now have to register with the government. Some Yolo boys are on the troop ship 'Tuscania' that sinks in the Irish sea killing 210 men, while others finally make it 'Over There'. Now we get word of our very first causalities of the war. And also of our first medal for bravery -- when the French 'Croix de Guerre' is awarded to ambulance driver Herbert Hope, a volunteer from Yolo County.
100 Years Ago Today = Still at War!

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