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If you are reading this, you can see how little I've actually used this "blog" -- a blog is available to each DJ or host just for having a radio program on KDRT. I started doing these two shows ("That's Life" and "Davis Garden Show") with good intentions to keep up communications with our listeners. I initiated podcasts of both shows when podcasting first was created -- even before iTunes was doing it. In fact, "Davis Garden Show" is one of the longest-running podcasts in the world! I also designed and created webpages for each program on my domain GoTouring.com .
Don Shor quickly took over our joint website (creating the DavisGardenShow.com domain) and doing the weekly uploading of our MP3 files. Once the podcasts were in iTunes, he also made sure the RSS feed was working and he currently handles the tech side of things for that show.

For my own program, "That's Life", I remained the one responsible for uploading to iTunes and eventually missed enough weeks that they removed the show from their podcast lists. By then KDRT was archiving all the shows (and each had a direct RSS link) so I didn't bother re-starting with iTunes.Then when KDRT started this DJ Blog project, I heard about it but seldom used it.


In the future I'll try to write up a summary of who was on which show and what we talked about -- but that goes in the weekly descriptions, not here.

Would you like me to start posting things HERE also? If so, what kind of things?

Feedback is welcome!

-- Lois

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