Lois has a new format -- always an interview!

In March 2017,  I changed the standard format of my program.  Instead of USUALLY playing music with occasional interviews, now "That's Life" will be MOSTLY interviews with music tucked in now and then.  The show remains at Thursdays at 1:00pm, check schedule for re-play times as they may change quarterly.

The line-up of guests for Spring 2017 is/was as follows:

3/9: Theo Buckendorf on "King High School -- as seen by a former student and current teacher there"

3/16: Mike Pesola on "Ministry -- when, why, and how"

3/23: MaryLou Anderson [aka M.L.Edson] on "Fused Glass Art" and being an author [The Six Rivers Killer] and poet

3/30: [this inteview was moved to May 4th] Instead of the scheduled interview, I just played jazz and chatted.

4/6: "Library’s ‘LEST WE FORGET’ Project Shares the Story of Yolo County Residents in World War I"  
Mel Russell, retired Archivist, begins this One-Hundred-Years-Ago remembrance on the day the USA entered that war -- the 6th of April 1917.

4/13: Autumn Labbe-Renault on locally all things media -- KDRT, DMA, DCTV, funding low-power radio -- plus general reminiscences on old Davis shows

4/20: Julie Cotton on "California Raptor Center"

4/27: [Lois out of town] musical interlude

5/4: Chris DeWees on "Fishprinting -- Gyotaku" describes the process of this ancient art form and the book he is publishing about it

5/11: Meet me on the Quad!!   [No on-air interview this week because I'll be helping set up for the Whole Earth Festival (F 12-10, Sa 10-10, Su 10-6). Help welcome!]

5/18: "WIOA in Yolo County" about helping people find work locally [arranged by Nolan Sullivan]

5/25: Mikki Grey Rutamu on "H.H. Humphrey Fellowship Program" which brings foreign scholars to UCD


6/8: Corky Quirk on "Bats" [We're still negotiating on how outrageous a title I can use. I'm hoping for "Bats in Your ... What the heck is a BELFRY????"]


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