Freddie Oakley (19 Sept 2009) on That's Life

Freddie Oakley is a wonder! As Yolo County's Clerk-Recorder, she not only keeps our elections running; she also finds new and creative ways to address problems as they arise, looks to the future and offers solutions for NEW problems BEFORE they arise, and is an expert resource to other counties and states (and researchers) about election issues. A frequent guest on my old DCTV show "Thoughtfulness", Freddie has helped us understand everything from what State regulations affect our elections -- to how the gubernatorial recall worked -- to details of being a voter. On my 2009 radio show, Freddie describes legislation (which is now on the Governor's desk) that will test a pilot program of "all-mail balloting" in Yolo and two other Counties. Freddie also shared her personal plans for the future (yes, she'll run again!), her thoughts on many topics, and her new service-dog-in-training puppy.

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