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Davisville, Sept. 26, 2022: The last record store in town is having a busy year

Young adult buyers rediscovering a sense of community as they listen to records together. Interest in long-gone bands like Led Zeppelin. High prices for LPs you couldn't give away a decade ago. People emerging from the pandemic who bring in boxes of their vinyl records because they want to get stuff out of their homes, and they don't want the records to be thrown away. Paul Wilbur, the longtime manager of Armadillo Music in downtown Davis, says the current market for LPs and CDs isn't easily explained, but love for music is a big part of it. He’s our guest today on Davisville.

Celebrating the culture of Hispanic Heritage Month

September is Hispanic Heritage Month which brings attention to the diverse hispanic community and their struggles in expressing their culture. Plus, we look at Back To School Night, which was done in person allowing parents to get a much better feel for what their children's school year will look like. Packages by Xochitl Armien and Ben Mitchell.

Produced by Maria Anderson and Naneh Grigor. Music by Daniel Ruiz-Jimenez.

The Power of Song, episode 2, Sept. 23, 2022

Asking someone to select their top 20 songs is difficult, and picking just one is impossible. But I still asked several people to pick a song that has touched them personally / emotionally and the reason why. That's what we have today: one song from each of several people. I left the genres open.

Music is a mystery that touches us on so many levels at so many different times. It can make us happy, sad, or melancholy. Or maybe we're drawn to the music itself, or to the lyrics; or for many of us a song offers a look back that lets us relive a past moment. 

Episode 2 of The Power Of Song features songs from Jeff Shaw, Billy Larkin, Jesse Deere, Neil Heaton, Tomy Edwards and Bart Van der Zeeuw. 

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