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37. Aaaaaand now! Sacramento Kings' PA announcer Scott Moak!

Public Address announcers at sports events inform the audience, engage fans, cheer on the home team, and amp up the crowd. It's a fine balance since they have to do all these things while not being more memorable than the game itself. Meet Scott Moak, long-time Public Address announcer for the NBA's Sacramento Kings. Find out about the Sacramento native's journey as a kid cheering on his hometown team from Section 213 to his 20-year career as the King's PA announcer. Scott tells us about his time as a UC Davis student on the sports crew at the campus radio station, his work in child welfare helping youth in foster care, his advice to aspiring sports announcers, his experience as an NBA announcer, and what fans should expect from the Kings this season.

Poverty, protection and protest

In part two of the homelessness series, we focus on community solutions to growing poverty. Next, crossing guards face hostility from drivers while keeping students safe. Finally, Davis High students take part in the Oct. 22 Global Climate Strike on Friday afternoon, pressuring those in power to take action for the planet. Packages by: Max Davis-Housefield, Sophia Young & Mattias RowenBale

Producers- Max Davis-Housefield & Stella Maze, Theme Music- Daniel Ruiz-Jimenez

Clone of Lost Then Found, Guitars of Jimmy Page, Smashing Pumpkins, Peter Frampton and The Guess Who

Incredible stories of guitars lost or stolen for up to 45 years and then returned to their owners. Featuring four stories that involve Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), Peter Frampton (Humble Pie), Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins) and Randy Bachman ( Guess Who).

Pictured is Peter Frampton and his guitar that was destroyed in a plane crash  (or so he thought) and returned to him 30 years later.

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