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Crystal Hines Becerra: Dental Hygienist, Mom of 2, An Inspiration to the Youth

On this episode of Meraki Radio, Crystal Hines Becerra joins us to talk about her life and career as a dental hygienist. She describes the impacts her life had on her career and offers a compelling case to study dental hygiene. She also discusses her recent trip to Central America where she helped a number of people receive dental care. Michael Gangitano joins us as well.

Replay with Whistles and Pipes and a Prairie Druid

I'm out of town this week so a replay with The Castlebar Traveller, The Dusty Miller and a Prairie Druid are included in this week's Celtic Songlines KDRT 95.7FM. Tune in to the whistle and pipes of Louise Mulcahy, a bit of water from the well with The Chieftains, The Shee  , John Doyle and his Path of Stones, The Furrow Collective, fiddler Aidan Connelly, from the UK we'll hear from Moore-Moss-Rutter, the band Runa, from the Canadian prairie is singer-songwriter Paddy Tutty, Prairie Druid Music and The Tannahill Weavers.

Tune in on Tuesdays from 11 a.m. to noon at KDRT 95.7FM with replays Monday 8-9pm, Saturday 6-7pm. Outside the broadcast area you can stream at, or subscribe to the Celtic Songlines podcast on Apple podcasts.

News Cycle, March 27, 2023: Construction continues throughout DHS for new building spaces

This week, the HUB presents a variety of news and an audio editorial from Davis High's introductory journalism class. From the continuing construction at DHS for robotics, and STEM/auto, to a focus on spring break, to finally, an audio editorial, DHS has it all.

Packages by Gwynn Canfield, Marion Delarue, and Lauren Cornell. Audio editorial by Elina Hibel. Produced by Maria Anderson and Naneh Grigor. Music by Daniel Ruiz-Jimenez.

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