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Episode 5: Jenny Horn

In this episode, we spoke with the technical trainer at Pixar University, Jenny Horn. Ms. Horn found a career that combines her passion for art and technology. We found that amazing and wanted to know how she landed what we consider a dream job. We also discussed what it's like to be a woman in digital animation. From the exciting opportunities in these fields to the hurdles that she has overcome, Ms.Horn inspires us all. 


That's Life with Preacher

One of our great producers here at KDRT is Preacher.  He gives the world his "Praise Time with Preacher" every week (Tu@4pm, Sun@7am).  Featuring gospel music in the broadest sense -- that is, songs that inspire and uplift -- his show is well worth podcasting so you can hear those sweet sounds anytime at all!

Although Preacher is a long-time radio host, this was his first ever zoom call.  We did great!  Lots of laughter in this show.  Hope you enjoy our time together as much as he and I did.


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