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Celtic Songlines celebrates the music, stories, and traditions of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and other Celtic lands. Tune in on Tuesdays from 11 a.m. to noon at KDRT 95.7 FM, with replays Monday 8–9 p.m. and Saturday 6–7 p.m. Outside our broadcast area, you can stream at kdrt.org, or subscribe to the Celtic Songlines podcast on Apple podcasts. 


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Celtic Songlines Radio for 11:00am on Nov 10th, 2020

This week on Celtic Songlines KDRT 95.7FM we continue to explore the timeless sounds of traditional and contemporary music, with a bit of poetry, from  artists  found around the Celtic lands. Breton's Kornog and from the Emerald Isle are Solas, Altan, the Fureys, Niamh Cusak, Clannad Irish Band, John Doyle. A bit of SoCal Celt with the WICKED TINKERS and from Scotland, Old Blind Dogs.

Celtic Songlines Nov 3rd, 2020

On this week's Celtic Songline we return to the more traditional sounds of Celtic music. We open the program with a pair of rousing tunes from fiddler Liz Carroll with guitarist John Doyle. The program goes on to feature Cape Breton's  Mary Jane Lamond & Wendy MacIsaac, Ireland's Donal O'Connar & John McSherry, the Scottish Gaelic music of artist Julie Fowlis,  Port Isaac Fisherman's Friends, English balladeer Shirley Collins, Van Morrison, Alasdair Fraser & Tony McManus and more Alasdair Fraser with Natalie Hass and Cillian Vallely. 

Celtic Songlines: In Anticipation of All Hallows Eve and the Ancient Celtic Celebration of Samhain - Oct 27th, 2020

It is written that the history of Halloween reaches back to the ancient Celtic celebration of Samhain (pronounced "sow-win" or "sah-win"). The word "Halloween" comes from "All Hallow's Eve" or hallowed evening, a period of year mid-way between the Autumn Equinox and Winter Solistice.

This week on Celtic Songlines we celebrate this period of year with the sometimes haunting and other times introspective sounds of Celtic music.

We'll explore the music of Danish band Asynje, Clannad Irish Band, Hexperos, Sharon Krauss, Niamh Parsons & The Loose Connections, the artist known as "Lila", Loreena McKennitt and Scotland's Malinky.

Tune into “Celtic Songlines” KDRT 95.7FM or stream at @KDRT.org Tuesday 11:00- Noon PT replay Wed 6:00 to 7:00 pm. You can subscribe to Celtic Songlines on iTunes.

Celtic Songlines: Music for After the Harvest Season and the Lengthening Dark Nights - Oct 20th, 2020

We're nearly halfway between the Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice, near the end of harvest and beginning of the darker half of the year. This is the time of year ancient Celts believed that the barriers between the physical world and the spirit world are thinnest, allowing more interaction between the two worlds.

Selection of this week's artists and songlist reflect the magical and haunting sounds of this period of time. Please join Celtic Songlines as we feature Enya, the Norwegian band Vali, from Bulgaria the band Irfan, Scotland's An Dochas, Andrei Krylov & Lana Ross, Aythis, Gabrielle Roth & the Mirrors and from Britian: The Story, Damh the Bard and Fay Hield.

Celtic Songlines for 11:00am on Oct 13th, 2020

This week on Celtic Songlines KDRT 95.7FM we feature a few bands new to our playlist such as IONA, a progressive Celtic rock band from the United Kingdom, which was formed by lead vocalist Joanne Hogg and multi-instrumentalists David Fitzgerald and Dave Bainbridge. Another new addition is Ye Vagabonds,  brothers Brían and Diarmuid Mac Gloinn – who hail from the town of Carlow, south-west of Dublin. Also featured this week are the German band FAUN and another addition is Pagan Folk, a collective of stellar musicians. Rounding out the program are the always amazing Old Blind Dogs, from San Francisco is The Fire, Irish piper Tommy Martin with Seamus Thompson, The Fureys, Capercaillie and Altan.



Celtic Songlines Celebrates Mabon and the Autumn Equinox - Sep 22nd, 2020

It is the time to celebrate Mabon, the Autumn Equinox, and honor the seasonal changes and celebrate the harvest. This is a time of giving thanks for the things we have, whether it is abundant crops or other blessings. It's a time of plenty, of gratitude, and of sharing our abundance with those less fortunate. 

This week's program will feature artists Lisa Thiel, Lúnasa, Malinky, Jenna Greene, Libana, two selections from the just released album "Wrackline" by Folkworks: Fay Hield, Omnia, the Afro-Celt Sound System, FAUN and Northern Ireland's Déanta.

Celtic Songlines Episode 3: From Scotland, Hungary, Ireland and Beyond - Sep 15th, 2020

On this week's program: Phillip Boulding's music featuring his hammered dulcimer, Old Blind Dogs from Scotland, Dervish, An Dochas, Kate Rusby Fay Hield, from Hungary The Moon & The Nightspirit, Celtic super group The Gloaming, Borun's Ghost, Dublin's Lankum and  Altan.  Altan will be streaming their first live concert since March on September 25th via their facebook page.  From the Sunday Tribune, Dublin: “The appeal of Altan centres on the fact that they see no differences or divisions in music. As such, they have managed to cross the all-important cultural barriers between folk and world and rock music.”

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