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Today's Music From a Portland Point of View. Listening Lyrics Friday August 3, 2018 at 4:00PM


Oakley Pastoor Price shares her music

Oakley Pastoor Price is a teen in Portland.  She is an avid live music fan and even though she is a young teen, she has more concerts under her belt then most. 

So you say - what is the up and coming generation listening to. Tune in this Friday and check it out.

For those outside the listening area, this show will be streamed live on KDRT 

Easan Katir and his guitar Friday July 27, 2018 at 4:00PM on Listening Lyrics

Easan Katir.jpg

Easan Katir visits KDRT 95.7 Davis, CA

Easan Katir visits Listening Lyrics and we can't wait. His guitar playing is superb and boy, can he tell a story through song. Easan is a Davis, CA resident and happens to be a neighbor of mine. Why you might ask did I wait so long?  No longer will his talents be hidden from us. Professionally Easan Katir owns an investment management firm and serves as a director for a Washington DC-based NGO.   Musically, he once upon a time played professionally in Las Vegas at the Aladdin. He composed songs which won awards at the Hollywood song-writing competition.

For those outside the listening area this broadcast will be streamed live on www.kdrt.org

Marilyn Rose puts the "sound" of Musicians on Canvas, Friday July 20, 2018 at 4PM. Listening Lyrics


Marilyn Rose visual artist

A unique concept - listen in as Marilyn Rose explains her passion to put the artist and the "sound" on canvas. 

Musicians in the greater Sacramento area, artist Marilyn Rose is shining a light on you! A well-respected portrait painter residing in Lincoln, Marilyn is in the midst of a self- styled project to showcase local musicians of all genre by painting at least thirty insightful oil paintings of them in action.

Since late April of this year, Marilyn has been connecting with as many local musicians as possible in local cities such as Roseville, Sacramento, and Davis. She gathers inspiration from their music while sketching and taking video from which she creates the 9x12” pieces. She doesn’t aim for a photographic likeness of either the musician or the instrument but she strives to express the spirit and passion that results from the interaction of the two.

To date, fifteen of these “portrait impressions” have been painted, with another fifteen to go. Two or three larger, more formal portraits will be added to the collection and all of the framed paintings will be unveiled at a reception at Watermelon Music in Davis, November 9, from 4 to 7 PM. The reception will be open to all music and art lovers, and all of the participating musicians plus their families and friends will receive a special invitation. Refreshments and a no host wine bar, provided by Fawnridge Winery in Auburn, will be offered and music for the evening will be provided by one or more of the participating musicians.

Marilyn believes strongly in the power of music and art to uplift and transform lives, so she wants to support the Sacramento Preparatory Music Academy by donating 20% of all sales from the project for either their Guitars for Vets program or for their scholarships for Sacramento youth in need.

For those outside the listening area this broadcast will be streamed live on KDRT

Matthew Grasso with his 7-string guitar joins Listening Lyrics on Friday July 6

M grasso.jpg

Mathew Grasso visits KDRT

This week Matthew Grasso will join us with his extended play 7-string guitar. Matthew will be joined by his son Miyan Grasso, who plays extended 7-string guitar, along with Mathew’s wife Aya Ueda--a soprano, keyboardist, and choral conductor. They will perform duos and trios for the show.

Matthew Grasso is classical guitarist, composer, arranger, musical instrument innovator, and improviser who began playing guitar at 12. He attended the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, and complemented this training by studying the classical music of North India at the Ali Akbar College of Music with the late sarod master Ustad Ali Akbar Khan.

KDRT LIVE broadcast from Armadillo Music on Friday June 8, 2018 at 6:30PM with The Mindful


The Mindful

KDRT and Armadillo Music are thrilled to have The Mindful celebrate ArtAbout in Davis, CA. The Mindful represents sophisticated music with a band of well trained  musicians. The Mindful is not afraid to tread in unknown territories by artistically blending many genres. If experimentalism is defined as "the philosophical belief that the way to truth is through experiments and empiricism", then the Mindful aim to be a musical expression of this belief. Founded by Brett Vaughn, the Mindful plays with sounds, styles and musical approaches at will, making use of primarily rock and jazz influences while also offering funk and Americana vibes. Not merely instrumental-based music, the Mindful's colorful lyrics narrate a vast and varied display of songwriting prowess and discoveries. This is one show you should not miss especially if you appreciate true craftmanship.  For those outside the listening area this broadscast will be streamed live on KDRT.

Listening Lyrics 200th interview celebration live from Watermelon Music Friday May 25, 2018 from 4 to 6 PM

collage LL KDRT pdf 2.jpg

Listening lyrics, kdrt ,pieter pastoor,

Your invited to the celebration of Listening Lyrics 200th interview. This 2 hour special will be broadcast live from the Watermelon Music's Melon Ball. A new venue in Davis that is rapidly becoming the go to place for musicians to perfom. Several artists are lined up to perform a song or two and this is the cool part - its open to the public, no cover no worries. Jeanne and Pieter are thrilled to share this moment with you and the Davis community. So please drop by if only to say hello.

If you have been a past guest on the show bring your guitar, keyboard or whatever and I will try to give you time to perform a song or two.

Watermellon Music is located in Davis, CA on the corner of Covell and Lake Blvd. (1970 Lake Blvd) - and this part is sooo sweet, plenty of parking available.

For those outside the listening area this show will be stream live on KDRT.org

Live Broadcast from Armadillo Music with Make No Bones on the Stage Friday 5/11/18 6:30PM

make no bones.jpg

a j hicks

This months live broadcast from Armadillo Music is Austin James Hicks. Born in Berkeley, CA.he has been playing guitar since he was 8 and singing since 10.

Make No Bones (A.J. Hicks) is an eclectic blend of folk, jazz, indie, and blues from San Leandro, CA. To Make no bones means to be who you are without making a big deal. Who ever is watching, who ever is listening, be yourself and Make No Bones.

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For those outside the listening area, his show is streamed live at KDRT.org

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Didar Singh Khalsa visits Listening Lyrics this Friday May 11, 2018 at 4:00PM

Listening Lyrics is proud to present Didar Singh Khalsa. Didar Singh Khalsa has played guitars for 52 years but only six years ago started writing songs, singing and recording them. Inspired by six consecutive trips to the guitar/songwriting camp taught by the amazing Richard Thompson. He claims the muse is relentless and not even very intermittent. Let’s test that theory.

For those outside of the listening area this show will be streamed live on KDRT.org

The Gold Souls visit Listening Lyrics Friday May 4, 2018 at 4:00PM

gold souls 2.jpg

The Gold Souls guest at KDRT

Vocalist Juniper Waller and percusionist Billy D. Thompson of The Gold Souls will be in the studio. The Gold Souls are bringing the driving grooves of funk, the rich textures of soul, and the compelling storytelling of the blues to the Northern California scene. With the dynamic Juniper Waller at the helm, the band combines their many influences to create a unique sound that rings true to the idioms that inspire them. Their recent efforts include the release and tour of their self-recorded and produced, eponymous EP in May of 2017. This release, while remaining an honest representation, is only the beginning of the band’s creative journey. Their full length record is set to release in Summer of 2018.

For those outside the listening area this show will be streamed live on KDRT 95.7FM

Let's get Punked, Dorothy Lane visits Listening Lyrics Friday April 27, 2018 at 4:00PM

d lane.jpg

Dorothy Lane vists KDRT 5/18/17

Dorothy Lane is a Punk Rock n Roll band from Martinez CA. When brother-in-laws Nick and Lorin first met they realized they loved playing music with each other and could be found at any family party playing guitar or piano and singing. In early 2015 when they both found themselves without a band to play in they made the decision to form a band together. Neil, the drummer, heard from a friend who saw a post on facebook that the band was looking for a drummer. He contacted Lorin and after playing together it was a perfect match. Neil brought his long time friend Greg on to play bass.

Early 2017 Lorin packed up and moved to Portland OR. The band agreed to call it quits and look back fondly on the times they had. Later that same year Lorin decided to make the move back to Martinez CA. When Nick heard Lorin was coming back he instantly wanted to get the band back together. Recording started on the Cut & Dry EP and once the band was back together .

Nick and Lorin’s other brother-in-law, Tony, was brought on to play bass for the band. Tony, who had never played bass or even played in a band, had been learning to play guitar and would always hang out with Nick and Lorin during those family get togethers. Tony had about 2 months to learn the songs for their first show together and nailed it.

..............The band is now booking shows and working on new songs their first full length album. 

Not in the KDRT listening area - no problem - this show is streamed live on KDRT