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Dead Wax its Final Vinyl show 6/15/17 - so sad

As George Harrison sang "All Things Must Pass" - Tonight is the final episode of DEAD WAX which was created and hosted by Jesse Deere. I had a hand in getting Jesse on the air but tonight, as he celebrates his 100th and final show, he taught me that music is more than just the joy of hearing it but discovering what makes it so. Dead Wax will leave a big hole in KDRT's line up. Jesse played several genres but the main focus was Americana and vinyl. He alsways had a theme to his show and I loved hearing his comments on why he selected the songs he played. So to sum up his 100 shows on KDRT, we have loved having him in the studio and have been blessed to be able to broadcast his passion of vinyl.

All the best Jesse 

Love Pieter and the KDRT gang

Mardi Morillo - a very unique guest this week on Listening Lyrics Friday June 16, 2017

Mardi Morillo is a singer-songwriter out of the Bay Area. In a former life, he worked as a CIO in the healthcare industry. He found his life's passion in music when he quit due to losing partial vision from glaucoma. Born legally blind, this further loss of vision, refocused him to pursue something more meaningful. Something creative. After picking up the guitar to learn one song ("Stop This Train" by John Mayer) he began writing his own songs and music has changed his life.

He is regularly performing at shows throughout California and is a songwriter in residence at Crema Coffee in San Jose. With music that is influenced by many contemporary artists like Adele, Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, he aims to inspire others and make universal songs that touch on themes of love, isolation, and hope.

Visit Mardi at www.mardimorrillo.com

For those outside the listening area this program will stream live on www.kdrt.org

The Big Poppies on stage at Armadillo Music for 2nd Friday ArtAbout, June 9

The BIG POPPIES appear at Armadillo Music for the KDRT  Second Friday ArtAbout, June 9at 6:30PM.The show will be broadcast live. Bio-dishing out grooves all along the west coast, The Big Poppies and their punch-pop blues have enthralled listeners and fans for years. Hailing from Yolo County, TBP deliver crunchy guitar riffs, sizzling solos, rumbling beats, moving your soul with tunes unique yet familiar. The Big Poppies are Ryan McBride,vocals/harmonica/guitar; Max Van Dyke, vocals/lead guitar; Ari Schwartz, bass/backing vocals; and Carlos Figueroa, drums. This show will stream live on KDRT for those outside the listening area. Locals, come on down!


Saul and Elena visit KDRT on Listening Lyrics June 2, 2017 at 4:00PM

Oz Fritz writes about Saul and Elena as follows. "Saul Rayo's music reflects a rich active life of multitudinous experience and discovery.  Rayo observes nature, his own and the world around him then writes and receives songs that stimulates and nourishes the creative soul.  Not so much food for thought as it is food for being.  Genuine, insightful, drawn from a life well lived.  Personally experienced, you can feel it not only in the melodies and lyrics he writes, but as it plays through his fingers in unique rhythm guitar grooves and syncopations that carries a tune like Atlas carries the World only you can dance to it.

Elena Rayo also presents songs culled from the depths of her primary being. That being, and thus her music, seems not of the mundane world but more celestially derived providing an overview of the human condition from both an inside and outside source.  She was born to idealistic experimenters and initially brought up in an environment and time when intelligent, rational people sincerely believed that love could conquer all. That thread seems to subtly run through her music.  It's music often as delicate as the wings of a butterfly but with the confident strength to be wide open and vulnerable."

Visit Saul and Elena on the web site Saul and Elena

For those outside the listening area this show will be streamed live on www.kdrt.org

David Jacobin spreads his aura on Listening Lyrics Friday, 5/19/17 at 4:00PM

Lets see what David wants to share with us through his lyrics, music and conversation. David Jacobin writes music to reflect the times, searching for beauty, joy, sadness and truth. He hopes that the songs he writes will help inspire people to create a better world for all it's inhabitants. Visit David and listen at https://davidjacobin.bandcamp.com or on facebook.

For those outside of the listening area this show is streamed live on www.kdrt.org

Space Funk performs at Armadillo Music with KDRT Friday 5/12/17 at 6:30PM

KDRT is proud that we will again be celebrating Davis 2nd Friday ArtAbout at Armadillo Music . This month a very talentd jazz band will rock the town. SPACE FUNK is a Davis High School group that will strut their stuff. High energy with a touch of youthfull exubarance makes this act a must see. If you can not be there in person join us at KDRT 95.7FM or online at www.kdrt.org.

Jai Patel of Massflow visits Listening Lyrics Friday May 12, 2017 at 4:00PM

Conjur up an image around the word MASSFLOW and see what your mind comes up with. On this weeks show Jai Pattel will share with us what that word means to him and the artist community in California.  Massflow is an experimental platform dedicated to exploring creativity in its various forms. Our name parallels the philosophy of the Dao or “Way” and embodies the principles of effortless action and spontaneity. We proudly provide a stage for artists and creatives through our website and art+music shows put on throughout California. We are a website, event coordinator, original content producer and DIY brand - stay curious. www.massflow.org

For those outside the listening area the show will be streamed live on KDRT.

Gabe Reynolds visits KDRT Friday May 5th, 2017

Gabriel Reynolds is one of those musicians that when he plays he is in the moment. He also creates that moment. His love and choice of instruments are guitar, mandolin and viola.. Hailing from Davis and now also a student at UC Davis he says he is so invested in music at this point there's no backing out. His music spreads his love to friends and family.

Neil Heaton shares his story and music April 28, 2017 at 4PM

He can sing, he can play, he can compose. Neil Heaton is a pianist from Davis, California.  As influenced by jazz virtuosos as he is alternative auteurs, his music attempts to find the common ground between rock, jazz, pop, and hip-hop. That description is exactly why his compositions are a delight. Listen in as we talk with and listen to Neil. Vist and listen to Neil https://neilheaton.bandcamp.com

For those outside the listening area this broadcast is streamed live on www.kdrt.org

Dirk Hamilton on Friday April 14, 2017

California raised Dirk Hamilton is our guest this week. I am really looking forward to this episode of Listening Lyrics as we dig into some of the lyrics of his songs. Dirk will appear at the Palms in Winters, CA Saturday  April 15, 2017. You ca visit Dirk at www.dirkhamilton.com. 

Dirk: “I began playing guitar and singing songs when I was 8 years old. I was writing stories and poems before that. I always thought of the two activities as completely different and separate -- writing was ‘serious’, playing and singing was ‘fun’. Then I discovered Dylan and learned that songs could be just as deep as the best poetry. It was an epiphany! At that moment I knew what I wanted to do with my life.”

At 15, Dirk wrote two more songs for another 45, this one under his own name. Both records were on the IKON label in Sacramento. “These two were stinkers too but after what seemed like a real long time, I began writing good songs and realized I’d done it! I had enjoyed myself into a real songwriter poet!”