WHAT ROUGH BEAST on Listening Lyrics August 24th, 2018 4:00PM

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what Rough Beast visits KDRT

What Rough Beast,  An exceptional fusion band. This very unique band is back with a killer new single "Some Odd Years" that will have it's debut on Listening Lyrics. The talent of each individual member shines through in their music. What does that mean, a depth of sound rarely heard. What Rough Beast is Sacramento based, but their sound is not limited to one geographic location. Members are:

Jon Shapiro - keyboards, Keith Filson - guitar,  David Martin - guitar,  Bryant Whaley - Bass,  Jesse Escobar - Hand percussion, Bob Gibeault - Drums, Mike Rice - Flute/saxophone.

For those outside the listening area this broadcast will be streamed live on www.KDRT.org.

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