KDRT LIVE broadcast from Armadillo Music on Friday June 8, 2018 at 6:30PM with The Mindful


The Mindful

KDRT and Armadillo Music are thrilled to have The Mindful celebrate ArtAbout in Davis, CA. The Mindful represents sophisticated music with a band of well trained  musicians. The Mindful is not afraid to tread in unknown territories by artistically blending many genres. If experimentalism is defined as "the philosophical belief that the way to truth is through experiments and empiricism", then the Mindful aim to be a musical expression of this belief. Founded by Brett Vaughn, the Mindful plays with sounds, styles and musical approaches at will, making use of primarily rock and jazz influences while also offering funk and Americana vibes. Not merely instrumental-based music, the Mindful's colorful lyrics narrate a vast and varied display of songwriting prowess and discoveries. This is one show you should not miss especially if you appreciate true craftmanship.  For those outside the listening area this broadscast will be streamed live on KDRT.

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