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ProgramDavisville Bill Buchanan41 day 7 hours ago
AudioDavisville, Feb. 19, 2024: Measure N is normal in Davis, unusual in California Bill Buchanan06 days 2 hours ago
AudioDavisville, Feb. 5, 2024: The Artery at 50, Cuteware, and painting Putah Creek Bill Buchanan02 weeks 6 days ago
AudioDavisville, Jan. 22, 2024: Louie Toro demystifies smartphones Bill Buchanan01 month 4 days ago
AudioDavisville, Jan. 8, 2024: Catching up with Davis housing Bill Buchanan01 month 2 weeks ago
AudioDavisville, Dec. 25, 2023: Expanding Interstate 80 through Davis Bill Buchanan02 months 2 days ago
AudioDavisville, July 24, 2023: Living in Davis, reporting from Ukraine for NBC Bill Buchanan02 months 5 days ago
AudioDavisville, Dec. 11, 2023: A marquee writer returns to the Enterprise Bill Buchanan02 months 2 weeks ago
AudioDavisville, Nov. 27, 2023: The strikes, best and worst movies, and what’s ahead Bill Buchanan03 months 2 hours ago
AudioDavisville, Nov. 13, 2023: Author of ‘Lost Subways’ book distills some insights for Davis Bill Buchanan03 months 2 weeks ago
AudioDavisville, Oct. 30, 2023: Oobli, part of Davis food-tech evolution, sees sweet future in sweet proteins Bill Buchanan03 months 4 weeks ago
AudioDavisville, Oct. 16, 2023: After enduring 50 years of cinematic bafflers, reviewer Derrick Bang calls ’em out Bill Buchanan04 months 1 week ago
AudioDavisville, Oct. 2, 2023: Meat is changing, and UC Davis is helping it to happen Bill Buchanan04 months 3 weeks ago
AudioDavisville, Sept. 18, 2023: How to reduce all that conflict we're feeling (repeat from 2021) Bill Buchanan05 months 1 week ago
AudioDavisville, Sept. 4, 2023: Investors buy land for a ‘dream city’ next door to Yolo County Bill Buchanan05 months 3 weeks ago
AudioDavisville, Aug. 7, 2023: Insights from years of helping the homeless in Davis Bill Buchanan35 months 4 weeks ago
AudioDavisville, Aug. 21, 2023: Editor loves the Aggie, wants students to love it too as she changes it Bill Buchanan06 months 6 days ago
AudioDavisville, July 10, 2023: Downtown projects propose 460 new homes, 80 new parking spaces Bill Buchanan07 months 2 weeks ago
AudioDavisville, May 15, 2023: Integrating a traumatic week into Davis Bill Buchanan17 months 2 weeks ago
AudioDavisville, June 12, 2023: As Genentech pulls back from the region, we get an updated look at biotech Bill Buchanan18 months 3 days ago
AudioDavisville, June 26, 2023: Don Roth, who helped bring major artists to Davis, calls it a career Bill Buchanan08 months 4 days ago
AudioDavisville, May 29, 2023: Meet Hanna Nakano, The Dirt’s new owner Bill Buchanan09 months 2 days ago
AudioDavisville, May 1, 2023: Watermelon Music asks for help, gets a big response Bill Buchanan010 months 3 hours ago
AudioDavisville, April 17, 2023: You might not know this, but spiders are not out to get you Bill Buchanan110 months 1 week ago
Blog entryPraise Time with Preacher presents the power of gospel music Bill Buchanan010 months 2 weeks ago