Davisville, Aug. 7, 2023: Insights from years of helping the homeless in Davis

Bill Pride is retiring this fall, and this is news because he has been really influential in addressing homelessness in Davis, at several levels. He started with Davis Community Meals and Housing 30 years ago as a volunteer with its Saturday meal program, and will leave this fall as its executive director. The nonprofit has helped create 160 units of permanent supportive housing for the homeless in Davis, as well as transitional housing and other services to help people, and has grown along with the need — this photo shows Pride on the fourth floor of Paul’s Place, the DCMH project that opened four months ago on H Street.

Today on Davisville we get insights from his long career and familiarity with Davis, and his ideas on what’s needed to solve the homeless problem in Davis and California. Affordable housing is the biggest piece of the solution, he says, but not the only piece. "Everybody knows what the cure is," he summarizes near the end. "No one wants to actually take the medicine."


The name of the individual you could not recall who was involved with Paul's Place is Ryan Collins.

That's correct -- thanks for adding his name. He appeared on Davisville twice (the second time three years ago), each time with Paul Doroshov.

Thanks so much foall that you have done and afre still doing!!  Good for you and all of us!

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