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The Davis Senior High School's Blue Devil Hub produce this weekly show for the Davis community. The show dives into issues relevant to students and residents. In addition to KDRT, you can find the show at It is broadcast on 95.7 KDRT at 8 AM on Mondays and noon on Tuesdays.

Replays Monday 5-5:15pm, Tuesday 8-8:15am
Music programs are only online for two weeks after they are broadcast.

A look behind one year of The News Cycle

Today, next year’s podcast hosts, Maria Anderson and Naneh Grigor Kotchikian, sit down with your current favorite podcast hosts, Max Davis-Housefield and Stella Maze, to discuss and reflect upon the year of output from The News Cycle. They talk about podcast behind-the-scenes and personal favorite stories while looking forward to next year’s podcast season.

Producers- Stella Maze & Max Davis-Housefield, Theme Music- Daniel Ruiz Jimenez

Live music pulsates through Davis

The Davis Live Music Collective is gearing up for lots of summer music. We look at what it does and how it involves local youth plus a quick dive into how seasonal depression effects students and on top of that we'll look at their "keys to success." Packages by Maria Anderson, Luis Carvajal, and Sean Campbell.

Hosted by Maria Anderson. Produced by Stella Maze and Max Davis-Housefield. Theme Music by Daniel Ruiz-Jimenez.

Davis reflects on long history with the bicycle

May is bike month in the city of Davis, so to celebrate we take a deep dive into Davis's long history with the bicycle. Plus, we've got a few spare keys rattling around. We look at students keys to life and the possibility of a key-less future. Packages by Maria Anderson, Charlie Tucker, and Grace Pauly.

Producers - Stella Maze and Max Davis-Housefield; Music- Daniel Ruiz-Jimenez.

The lives of high school students

High school students lead complicated lives. When they're not learning at school, their schedules are filled to the brim with other activities. We look at how students manage the school workload, how sports play a key role, and how activism is an important component of some students' lives. Packages by Kevin Xia, Will Sutcliff, and Naneh Grigor. 

Produced by Stella Maze and Max Davis-Housefield. Music by Daniel Ruiz-Jimenez.

Day trips provide a swift and convenient escape

Davis High students make the most of day trips as a way to bond with their family and get out of Davis. Next, high school students experience the pros and cons of taking the bus to school and struggle with sleep. Finally, DSH staff have trouble keeping track of their many keys. Packages by: Zoe Kaplan, Calissa Levy, JJ Wiliamson & Wyatt Bluecoat.

Producers- Max Davis-Housefield & Stella Maze, Music- Daniel Ruiz-Jimenez

Davis recognizes environmental change makers

The Davis communnity honors enviornmental change makers in the Evironmental Recognition Award ceremony on April 20th.  Next, Davis residents are finding careers and passions in animal care and Davis High sports teams are emphasizing kindness in sportsmanship.   Packages by: Mattias RowenBale, Lily Schroeder & Savana Anderson 

Producers- Max Davis-Housefield & Stella Maze, Music- Daniel Ruiz-Jimenez

Sacramento's Land Park to experience major changes

The Sacramento Zoo is investigating a move to Elk Grove and Fairytale Town is beginning its first new construction in decades. We look at the future of Land Park, plus a look at how members of the DHS community got their start in activism and Davis businesses impacted by the pandemic. Packages by Maria Anderson, Ayush Tuladhar, and Alaina Hagen.

Producers- Max Davis-Housefield & Stella Maze, Music- Daniel Ruiz-Jimenez

Preventing gun violence in the wake of Sacramento shooting

Following a mass shooting on Sunday April 3 in Sacramento, we take a look at how we can best prevent further similar tragedies. Then we learn where students are traveling and some of the scientific effects of kindness. Packages by Max Davis-Housefield, Ella Shorts, and Sophia Perez.

Producers- Max Davis-Housefield & Stella Maze, Music- Daniel Ruiz-Jimenez

PHOTO: A Walther gun with bullets. CREDIT: Tomascastelazo

Picnic Day to return in-person

UC Davis’ 108th picnic day celebrations will take place in person this April after two years of virtual celebrations. We take a look at its history and preview some of the celebrations. Then, we take a look at some fun day trips, appreciate a surge in kindness, and investigate the long history of protests in Davis. Packages by Keeley Kubiak, Zoe Kaplan, Maddie Sachs, and Alex Fomina.

Producers- Max Davis-Housefield & Stella Maze, Music- Daniel Ruiz-Jimenez

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