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The Davis Senior High School's Blue Devil Hub produce this weekly show for the Davis community. The show dives into issues relevant to students and residents. In addition to KDRT, you can find the show at It is broadcast on 95.7 KDRT at 8 AM on Mondays and noon on Tuesdays.

Replays Monday 5-5:15pm, Tuesday 8-8:15am
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The War of the Worlds

A meteor has crashed into Arroyo Park, but with releases of energy from  the Martian surface earlier this morning, the object could be more than  it seems. The News Cycle presents HG Wells' The War of the Worlds,  adapted by Max Davis-Housefield.

Cast:  Max Davis-Housefield as himself, Stella Maze as herself, Elliot  DeJong as Professor Svyatoslovovich, Skye Adams as Professor Petronov,  Mattias RowenBale as Reporter 1, Daniel Jebri as Reporter 3, Alex  Miyamoto as Ramon Raquello, Bridget Nagle as Reporter 2, Genna Olavarri  as Reporter 4, and Sophia Young as the Police Chief.

Produced by Stella Maze and Max Davis-Housefield. Music by Daniel  Ruiz-Jimenez, Gerardo Matos Rodríguez, and Tchaikovsky. Sound Design  from

Poverty, protection and protest

In part two of the homelessness series, we focus on community solutions to growing poverty. Next, crossing guards face hostility from drivers while keeping students safe. Finally, Davis High students take part in the Oct. 22 Global Climate Strike on Friday afternoon, pressuring those in power to take action for the planet. Packages by: Max Davis-Housefield, Sophia Young & Mattias RowenBale

Producers- Max Davis-Housefield & Stella Maze, Theme Music- Daniel Ruiz-Jimenez

Pumpkin patches prepare for Halloween Season

Halloween draws near, and pumpkin patches are ready to welcome guests for the spooky season. Also, we look at the different styles of masks people are wearing and investigate the extended closure of G Street. Packages by: Genna Olavarri, Alex Miyamoto, and Declan Fee.

Producers- Max Davis-Housefield & Stella Maze, Theme Music- Daniel Ruiz-Jimenez

Davis homeless population grows exponentially

The homeless population is growing in Davis as a result of lack of housing and accessible mental health and substance abuse resources. Next, Davis High adopted the Hispanic-Serving Institution early college program as explained by the grant director from Sac City, Rosana Chavez-Hernandez . Finally, an update on the plans for Davis High's  Homecoming Dance amid a pandemic. Packages by: Max Davis-Housefield, Jihan Moon & Francesca Fanucchi


Producers- Max Davis-Housefield & Stella Maze, Theme Music- Daniel Ruiz-Jimenez

Community activism and student clubs return

After more than a year of reduced activity and virtual meetings, student clubs and community activists are taking action again. Plus, we talk to Interim Superintendent Matt Best about ventilation and COVID testing. Packages by Ayisi Ni and Leyla Bolkan. Interviews by Cole Wittkop and Daniel Jebri.

Producers- Max Davis-Housefield & Stella Maze, Theme Music- Daniel Ruiz-Jimenez

Davis Community Remembers 9/11

PHOTO: The World Trade Center immediately after the 9/11 attacks. CREDIT: YU-bin, Creative Commons

Twenty years after the tragic events of September 11th, 2001, members of the Davis community share their memories from that devastating day. This episode deals with mature topics. Interviews conducted by Max Davis-Housefield and Stella Maze.

Producers- Stella Maze & Max Davis-Housefield, Theme Music- Daniel Ruiz-Jimenez, Additional Music:

Back to School!

After more than a year of trying to socialize, learn, and un-mute through computer screens, students and teachers are back on the Davis Senior High School campus to begin the in-person school year. With such a change, comes nerves, mistakes and excitement for both students and staff. Packages: Stella Maze and Max Davis-Housefield.

Producers- Max Davis-Housefield & Stella Maze, Theme Music- Daniel Ruiz-Jimenez

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