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The Davis Senior High School's Blue Devil Hub produce this weekly show for the Davis community. The show dives into issues relevant to students and residents. In addition to KDRT, you can find the show at It is broadcast on 95.7 KDRT at 8 AM on Mondays and noon on Tuesdays.

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News Cycle, April 17, 2023, case closed: Seniors decide on post-DHS college plans

This week, The News Cycle covers a series of packages relating to college decisions and how the next steps for seniors at Davis High are right around the corner.  We also share an audio editorial about coffee consumption, and how over-consumption can lead students to have negative side effects.

Packages by Alessandra Trask, Saadya Mahmood, and Maria Anderson.  Audio Editorial by Lauren Cornell. Produced by Maria Anderson and Naneh Grigor. Music by Daniel Ruiz-Jimenez.

News Cycle, April 10, 2023: Why isn't Ramadan a school-observed holiday?

An opinion piece on why non-Christian religious holidays such as Ramadan should be school holidays, a Creed 3 movie review, a look into popular colleges, and insight into the Race and Social Justice Project.

Packages by Saadya Mahmood, Ben Mitchell, Boyeon Choi, and Naneh Grigor.

News Cycle, March 27, 2023: Construction continues throughout DHS for new building spaces

This week, the HUB presents a variety of news and an audio editorial from Davis High's introductory journalism class. From the continuing construction at DHS for robotics, and STEM/auto, to a focus on spring break, to finally, an audio editorial, DHS has it all.

Packages by Gwynn Canfield, Marion Delarue, and Lauren Cornell. Audio editorial by Elina Hibel. Produced by Maria Anderson and Naneh Grigor. Music by Daniel Ruiz-Jimenez.

News Cycle, March 20, 2023: Are books in English classes outdated?

Today's program has an investigation into why the curriculum of English classes needs to introduce new books. Also today: how the school schedule could compromise students' learning, what a day living on the farm is like, and the differences between small and big colleges.

Packages by Lucas Liu, Noah Meyer, Naneh Grigor, and Alex Miyamoto

News Cycle, March 13, 2023: Davis High Men’s Varsity team takes the state championship title

The HUB covers the varsity soccer team that led Davis High to a huge state victory, reviews Morgan Wallen's One Thing at a Time album, and reports on the increasing number of students at UC Davis.

Packages by Lucas Liu, Sean Campbell, and Maria Anderson. 

Produced by Maria Anderson and Naneh Grigor. Music by Daniel Ruiz-Jimenez.

News Cycle, March 6, 2023: Mishka's Cafe is the coziest coffee shop in Davis

Mishka's Cafe is the place in Davis where everyone can go to wind down. Also on today's program: a movie review on the new movie Puss in Boots: the Last Wish, with an audio editorial on how difficult it can be to settle down in a new country after immigrating. Lastly, a profile on one of Davis High’s sneakerheads.

Packages by Sean Campbell, Jeremiah Haskins, Rowan Baar, and Lucas Liu

The News Cycle, Feb. 27, 2023: Bob Dunning writes 'the Wary I' in the Davis Enterprise for the 53rd year

Bob Dunning, a long-time journalist for the Davis Enterprise, shares his story. A new library in South Davis has started construction, with an estimated completion time in the next few years.

Packages by Elliot DeJong and Maria Anderson. Produced by Maria Anderson and Naneh Grigor. Music by Daniel Ruiz-Jimenez.

The News Cycle, Feb. 20, 2023: Davis High hosts open house

Davis High hosted its annual open house where incoming sophomores, parents, and anyone interested could participate in activities held by the different classes. Also, how students celebrated their Valentine's Day, seniors making their early admissions decisions, and the ski team season comes to an end.

Packages by Sean Campbell, Lucas Lui, and Naneh Grigor

Tea with Nina: A conversation with NPR’s Nina Totenberg

NPR’s Nina Totenberg presented her book at the Mondavi Center in Davis, to talk to people about forming friendships no matter the barrier. This past week was the kick-off to the 57th Super Bowl, where we hear from students across campus about how they celebrate this yearly event.

Packages in this week's News Cycle by Max Davis-Housefield and Alex Miyamoto. Produced by Maria Anderson and Naneh Grigor. Music by Daniel Ruiz Jimenez.

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