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Boost the Signal for KDRT

Boost The Signal!

Boost The Signal!

KDRT is on a mission to raise $5200 for a new antenna to Boost the Signal across Davis. We've talked to listeners, we've tallied  survey results (please fill one out if you haven't yet!), and we know some of you can't hear us very well.

We'd like to remedy that by asking you to Signal Your Support. All donations towards this project are very welcome and needed. We invite you to tune in for some special fundraiser programming starting at 5:30 pm on November 28th through December 5th.

Early-bird donations are welcome, too, of course! Don't miss the selection of thank-you gifts available on the donation page.

While there are many reasons to support KDRT and Davis Media Access, our mission to amplify community voices is vital at this time.

Please help us increase our reach across Davis: Boost the Signal!

Thank you!

Album of the Week: Zappaman helps release the Hot Rats!

hot rats

hot rats

Shawzam hosts Zappaman this week for a special talk about lemons, window screens, mosaics, & the tea bells you hear after eating crumpets.  Hot Rats is the soundtrack to baby possum gangs "just trying to get by"- all while sticking it to the man.   Who is the man?    Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart, Don "Sugarcane" Harris, Jean-Luc Ponty, and former Mother Ian Underwood all contribute.    What does this all have to do with Captain Kangaroo?   Tune in this Thursday at 5pm to find out.

Uploading Audio to the website

Export your radio show to a mp3 file. Select 128kbps bitrate, 44100, stereo. Login to Go to "Content Management" -> "Content" -> "Add audio" ( ) Do NOT select the name of the program. It will not work when you first add the audio (see below) Give the audio a title. "Radio Show Title plus date of show" works well for audio archives Where is says: "Add a new audio file: " Do what is says: "Click "Browse..." to select an audio file to upload. Only files with the following extensions are allowed: mp3 wav ogg." Fill out any other info you want to. Click the "Preview" button at the bottom. A warning will come up stating you are missing the "artist" and "album title" metadata. Feel those in (the boxes to input this input is outlined in red.) Your djname and show title are good options for these. Click the "save" button at the bottom. =========STAFF (jeff, craig, bill Buchanan ) will have to do this ============== Go to "Content Management" -> "Content" Choose "edit" for the audio was just created. Choose your radio show from the dropdown list. Click save at the bottom.

Posting a Picture with your KDRT show file

Hi there, to make your KDRT show file more interesting, you should click over to the archives and edit the title and description. This makes the show file more appealing to the audience, since they will now know what to expect. It also makes your show easier to find on the internet. Once you have done that, you might want to add a photo. There are two ways to do that. One is to select the "image" icon on the post. Another is to point to a photo already on the internet, say a photo sharing site where you post your own pictures, which gives you more control over how the photo appears using HTML. Here is how: 1. Upload the photo of your choice to an online photo sharing site. Say, or something. 2. Get the URL of the photo. Make sure it ends with an image extenstion, such as "YourFileURL.JPG" 3. Log into Go to your archived show file, of which you should be the author, and click on the Edit tab. 4. Scroll down past the "Title" and "Body" and click on the "Input format" 5. Change the input format to "Full HTML" 6. Now go back to the "Body" and paste this HTML code at the top of the "body" text:

Recording a Skype Phone Call on a Mac for free

For a recent project I needed to record audio of a speaker over the phone, and wanted to record using Skype. This isn't as easy as one would think. For Windows users, apparently you can do this through Audacity, plain and simple. For Mac users, we aren't so lucky as I found out. You can watch a video here that does an okay job explaining what to do: Or, since I needed to outline it for myself, you can read below for the basics for recording WITHOUT an external microphone, and without recording YOUR vocals:
photo by Flickr user Danot
What you'll need besides Skype: 1. Garageband. This big application is a resource hog. Your computer will start to heat up. Oh well. 2. LineIn. A free application from Rogue Amoeba that allows you to "play input through output device" which apparently you used to be able to do on Mac OS 9-