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Part Two: Local Celebrity Derrick Bang visits ‘Davisville’

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To hear Part One of the interview, click here: CLICK HERE. To hear Part Two of the interview, click here: CLICK HERE. Derrick Bang, the film critic and former entertainment editor for the Davis Enterprise, once staged a life-sized Monopoly game around half of what is now Central Park. On the two latest “Davisville” radio shows, he talks about his career, the movies, his expanded blog, and where he’s headed next. Bang, who lives in Davis, has reviewed movies for the Aggie, Daily Democrat, Sacramento News and Review, and now the Enterprise since the mid 1970s. He also owned the now-closed Game Preserve store in downtown Davis, and has written books about Peanuts cartoonist Charles Schulz. The Enterprise, reacting to the weak market for newspapers and the poor economy in general, laid off

Save the Date: It's a BBQ on the Backlot!

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Last year we started a new tradition called BBQ on the Backlot. It's an Open House - with food, fun and festivity, and a chance for Davis Media Access' producers, DJ's, board, staff (and anyone else who would like to find out about DMA) to enjoy a relaxing evening. Davis Media Access is the parent organization behind KDRT, DCTV public access channel 15, and DJUSD educational access channel 17. The event takes place from 5-8 p.m. on Thursday, October 7 and we encourage everyone to come down. DMA will supply the burgers and dogs (veggie options will be available) and beverages- but potluck items and smiles are encouraged. We are located at 1623 Fifth Street in Davis, and we'll be in the back parking lot. Follow the BBQ smell...come down and meet your favorite DJ!

UC Davis Protestors Arrested: Shannon Harney, standing in solidarity with those arrested, speaks with KDRT

Still waiting to be processed on November 20, Shannon Harney and others stand in solidarity at the Yolo County Detention Center with those arrested at UC Davis on November 19. Listen to her give an update on their condition, what happened at Mrak Hall and what issues are still unresolved. Click and Listen below:

KDRT's Bill Buchanan back in print!

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Programmer Bill Buchanan's DAVISVILLE radio show was the subject of an article on the front page of the Tuesday, September 22 Davis Enterprise. Bill was a longtime print journalist so it is great to see him back in ink. I also happen to know that Bill will be hosting two upcoming television shows regarding local Measure P. So if you can't get enough of Bill from his great show, or from reading the Enterprise, tune into DCTV cable channel 15 to see him on television. Check out the Davis Enterprise article have to log in to see it. Or go buy a copy on the racks for that satisfying newspaper feel.

Nancy Bodily's Interview with Joe Craven

The world is Joe Craven’s toolbox
by Nancy Bodily

Joe Craven sucks in his cheeks, drops his jaw, rolls his eyes back into
his head and begins to play … his face … with mighty hands tapping out
“Turkey in the Straw.” The rhythm is true, a nice hollow sound, and you can
tell he’s done this a time or two, his face just one of the many tools in
his box, “when the world is your musical oyster.”
Craven the musician, teacher, grassroots organizer, MC, crazy hat
wearing, larger than life artist is in the KDRT studio and he’s brought j

Vote to expand LPFM at social change websites

Our understanding is that the transition teams in the new administration, including those at the FCC, will be using some social change websites to guage interest on certain issues. Help LPFM stations like our stay healthy by supporting the expansion of the LPFM service to larger cities and towns.

Update: This initiative finished in 7th place in the technology policy- not bad considering "finish adopting the metric system" was in the top 3, which went on to the next round.