Uploading Audio to the website

Export your radio show to a mp3 file. Select 128kbps bitrate, 44100, stereo. Login to kdrt.org Go to "Content Management" -> "Content" -> "Add audio" ( http://www.kdrt.org/node/add/audio ) Do NOT select the name of the program. It will not work when you first add the audio (see below) Give the audio a title. "Radio Show Title plus date of show" works well for audio archives Where is says: "Add a new audio file: " Do what is says: "Click "Browse..." to select an audio file to upload. Only files with the following extensions are allowed: mp3 wav ogg." Fill out any other info you want to. Click the "Preview" button at the bottom. A warning will come up stating you are missing the "artist" and "album title" metadata. Feel those in (the boxes to input this input is outlined in red.) Your djname and show title are good options for these. Click the "save" button at the bottom. =========STAFF (jeff, craig, bill Buchanan ) will have to do this ============== Go to "Content Management" -> "Content" Choose "edit" for the audio was just created. Click on Station Archive.    Choose your radio show from the dropdown list. Click save at the bottom. MORE ON THIS THREAD FROM EMAIL > > Excellent, I did find the files that way. I think I remember how to replace the existing file using the "Replace this with a new file" option. Once I test it I'll try to make a summary of the steps involved for the other dj's. I don't know if everyone is aware of their ability to correct or modify shows after the fact. Don > Hey Don, type in the search bar in the upper corner of the webpage and you should find it in order to place it in your online archive. > > I think Darrick put together this option as a way for people to fix shows after they had been uploaded. > > It requires me or somebody with Admin privileges to edit every entry after it is uploaded > > > On 1/25/11 11:42 PM, Don S wrote: >> >> Hi Jeff and Darrick, >> This doesn't seem to be working, but more likely the files are just >> not appearing. >> Second week in a row now I've uploaded an edited version of the Jazz >> After Dark show; it uploads successfully (apparently) and then is >> nowhere to be found. Previously it was landing on the home page, >> which was fine. Now it just disappears. So the files labelled Jazz >> After Dark January 18 2011 and Jazz After Dark January 25 2011 are >> somewhere in the system. Can we figure out what change to the >> software has redirected them? Let me know if there is a manual entry >> needed. >> >> Don >

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