Posting a Picture with your KDRT show file

Hi there, to make your KDRT show file more interesting, you should click over to the archives and edit the title and description. This makes the show file more appealing to the audience, since they will now know what to expect. It also makes your show easier to find on the internet.

Once you have done that, you might want to add a photo. There are two ways to do that. One is to select the "image" icon on the post.

Another is to point to a photo already on the internet, say a photo sharing site where you post your own pictures, which gives you more control over how the photo appears using HTML.

Here is how:

1. Upload the photo of your choice to an online photo sharing site. Say, or something.

2. Get the URL of the photo. Make sure it ends with an image extenstion, such as "YourFileURL.JPG"

3. Log into Go to your archived show file, of which you should be the author, and click on the Edit tab.

4. Scroll down past the "Title" and "Body" and click on the "Input format"

5. Change the input format to "Full HTML"

6. Now go back to the "Body" and paste this HTML code at the top (or bottom) of the "body" text:

<p><img width="218" vspace="2" hspace="2" height="175" align="left" src="/%3Ca%20href%3D""">" alt="your image name" class="image-left" ></p>

7. Now replace "" with "YourFileURL.jpg" within that code.

8. Notice you can change the align from "left" to "right" if you want. You can also change img width from "218" to whatever. Try some different widths and save and try again.

9. Notice you can change the img height from "175" to whatever. Again, play with the pixel height until the dimensions look okay.

10. If you are confused, you can google what HTML tags are and which are included in this code.

11. Lastly, if the image is placed weird, or your post is too long, paste this code into a spot that is a natural break, or at least in a spot down in the text that will keep the image in your post and not spilling over into others. It will help place the image in your post, and will require the audience to click on "read more" link: <!--break-->

12. Once you are done, send Bill Buchanan an email with a link to the show and ask to be published to the front page. Not all posts can go to the front page. If you make the, it may be edited for image size, brevity and where the occurs. The front page is supposed to be "teasers" of shows, where people click "read more" if they want to delve into the post. The "read more" should appear at the bottom of the image, so this is likely where any will be edited into your text.

13. One last point, if you don't own the copyright of the photo, it is best not to use it until Davis Media Access adopts a social media policy for our websites. Until then, look for creative commons licensed photos, public domain photos, or better yet, take your own! Here is the best site I've found to search for content that you can likely use: and here is a site contains quite a few items in the public domain: You are responsible for finding out how the content you are planning to use is licensed for use.

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