KDRT needs your support, October 28 to November 3!

Deep Roots!     That is what we all need to survive today!     Help us grow our roots deep in Davis this fall during our short fundraiser, October 28 to November 3!    Now is the time to give us a few bucks, a monthly donation, or a healthy dose of appreciation- whatever you think we deserve for our work.    We operate on a shoestring, lots of volunteer passion, and you!    KDRT-LP 95.7 fm is an effort we all put time into, and now is that time for our listeners and supporters.    

How can you help?     

Besides donating, plan to attend one of these fun events we've cooked up this week:

*(portion of sales goes to KDRT!)

When you contribute and participate, you provide for shows like the Davis Garden Show, Roots Shoots and Leaves, The Electric Compost Heap, Davisville, or Independent & Local.   Do you see a theme?    KDRT-LP is all about Davis values, and our programming, and programmers, reflect that.   

KDRT-LP can’t exist without Deep Roots, and we ask you to contribute today, with any amount, to make our roots healthy this Fall of 2018.     We love our supporters!



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